Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Peaches, Ikea and Cubes... OH MY!

Learned quite a bit this week. And let's face it, if you aren't learning something new, then you aren't living, you're just surviving. And what fun is that?

According to NPR, the Peach business is going to boom this year. Due to rain and good seasonal weather, the word of the day is PEACH. Now how to make that payoff in your daily business, since I don't think Peach Farmers are on the NASDAQ... with the exception of baking up some nom nom noms Peach Cobbler, perhaps the overarching point is that The South is going to be profitable. And we're all going to be enjoying the fruits of their labor (pun intended).

Moving right along, I had a head-smack moment on my commute home. Driving by the Ikea on the 121, I noticed that the building was in blue and yellow. Sweden's flag's colors. Was this a DUH moment or what? Did you know it was founded by a 17 year old Swede? I knew it was Scandinavian, but didn't connect the dots. It was almost like the day I realized that Kay Jewelers tagline "Every kiss begins with Kay" was a double entendre for the letter K in kiss and the brand Kay. Why it didn't hit me until recently? I am embarrassed.

Speaking of driving, I have finally found my new car replacement for Gus the Wonder Bug. After test-driving a few this weekend, I've happily decided to purchase a Nissan Cube. No, I don't think it's homely or boxy. I dig it. It's a fun ride and has an intelligence chip. Being able to cruise around DFW, getting 30+ mpg, blue tooth and iPod downloads into the stereo's memory are freaking awesome. Not to mention, it's just fun to drive. (Insert Hitchhiker's Guide quote here.)

Alright peeps... make it a great day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If we tweeted to Keanu to become a WWOOFer, maybe he wouldn't be so sad.

Couple of wacky/intriguing things I found floating on teh internets today.

New meme stemming from a Paparazzi shot of Keanu Reeves sitting on a bench alone, eating a sammich. He looks just a wee bit depressed. Not the - I’m going to pull a Heath Ledger - (too soon?) but more along the lines of the Sad Clown from the Circus. (Speaking of which, I haven’t mentioned clowns or zombies in a while… are we due for a G rant on Clombies?) Digression aside, Happy ‘Cheer Up Keanu Day’ everyone.

Next we come across a fun Twitter/webcam stunt involving a recruiter out of Chicago Ad Biz. Apparently, if you tell David what to do for the week, he’s going to do it (within legal limits and reason of course.) 24 hours a day, 7 days… whatever you tweet him, he’s going to do it. And in return, his boss is going to send him to Cannes. Not too shabby an idea if you ask me!

Finally… the WWOOFers. What is a WWOOFer, one might ask? Welp, basically it is traded labor for room & board on an organic farm. No money changes hands. You learn about working on an organic and sustainable farm for a few months, work minimum hours on the farm each day, and your hosts feed and shelter you. Want a getaway to New Zealand? Here’s a way to do it.

Later Gators.