Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What I Learned Today (month of November 2010)

• October through December is white truffle season
• A Challenger in the sky is worth two on the ground
• Don’t let Robyn suggest a healthy lunch
• Taylor was a thespian
• Middle buttons are optional
• Always, sometimes, never
• I know what principalities now
• Kevin looks refreshing in a dress
• Rockfish is pretty good
• Hedgehog… not porcupine
• Adame gets grumpy with no smokes
• Solutions are good!!!
• The sign for ‘examine your zipper’
• Flexjet has good board games in the lounge
• This coffee mug is not microwaveable
• Kelvin’s family played backgammon wrong
• Don’t make a plan at 7:30am
• Bob rides motorcycles
• Most popular American sammich is ham
• Lux is latin for ‘light’
• Certain movies should be watched in the ghetto
• Douchey managers can be okay after multiple drinks of wine
• It’s called a ‘memory stick’
• What a ‘gannt chart’ is
• There are some movies you should never watch
• Snobster
• Qadhafi won’t fly more than 8 hours, or over water

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's Turkey Lurkey Time

Let the madness of the Office Holiday Party commence!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beyond Awesome

Met Executive Chef Carlos Llaguno on Monday, he signed a copy of the Les Halles Cookbook for me that friends had purchased (by Anthony Bourdain, had already read it and made recipes {fav is the bœuf bourguignon} and recognized Carlos immeadiatly from being Tony's right-hand Sous Chef during the day.)

Also, of note this week... Ralph Fiennes opened my cab door. Yes, Voldemort is a softie.