Monday, March 28, 2011

ROUND NINE - Lars and THe Hands of Light v Friendly Fires

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back! I hope my three readers didn't turn all Ralph & Jack fighting over the conch* during the break between the competition postings. Had to fly to Boston, be awesome, hang out with Colin Farell**... the usual. Only two songs in this round since there were more in the bracket that they previously competed in. Why? Cause I said so, and I'm the boss of this here bloggy blog.

Lars and The Hands of Light

1) My Feet Keep Tagging Along - Ooo funky. Great bass groove, fun tablas, the guitar riff is beachy. All this needs is jazz flute... OHMIEDWARD THEY'VE GOT JAZZ FLUTE! In the words of my illustrious, but never obsequious, leader, "Duh, WINNING!"

2) Three To the Floor - Why does this remind me of The Brady Bunch? I could totally see Greg moving his corduroy booty and that bad-ass, massive, winged collar to the groove. Oh, and here comes Marsha swaying her hair to the beat - watch out for them footballs Marsh - I had to actually look back to make sure this wasn't one of the ones I've heard before. "The coffee don't last in this household... we all want the job, but we don't want the job". Far out lyrics, man.

Friendly Fires

1) On Board - Oh how I love Mister Bassy Bass. Make me groove with your diggity-dug-dug. I would brake into a funky dance jam with this groovitude. See my ass a'shakin? That's me rocking out to your "Don't stop. Don't stop. Don't stop." I'll go ahead and shake my tambourines. Not to mention, the video is awesome with it's 'Across the Universe' Mister Kite feel. Rock on with your bad selves.

2) In the Hospital - Dude, what did you do to get into the hospital? Rock your funky ass beats? Cause that shizz is medicine in, and of, itself. (Sorry Bueno and Hollingsworth if my AP style ain't correct.) I want to mix a strawberry margarita and love on some one. And just when you think it's over, they come back for some love and memories.

This was a tough one, but I'm going to go with Friendly Fires. (Sorry Adame.) Congratulations Friendly Fires, you are still in the running to become BEST BAND NAME AT SXSW. Feel free put a pool in my backyard, as long as I don't have to pay for maintenance.

Up Next: Or. the Whale versus Trampled By Turtles

* Back in the 90s, when video camcorders were the size of a small goat, my brother and his friends made a reenactment of Lord of the Flies. To this day, that rock on our property where Ky said "What do you boys think you're doing? Fun n games?" will reverberate in my childhood memories.
** Yeah, I just named dropped. Whut?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A moment, a love, a dream, a laugh

If I were to make a current play list for a night of debauchery*, this would be my set list:

1) Life On a Chain - Pete Yorn
2) Taos - Menomena
3) Keepsake - Ham Sandwich
4) New City Anthem - Sex With Strangers
5) Listen To Your Love - Mona
6) Quiet Little Voices - We Were Promised Jet Packs
7) Science of Fear - Temper Traps
8) Sweet Disposition - Temper Traps

* What does that mean now? Being unhinged. Away for a moment from your current position. No responsibilities. No bills. No bullshit. No boss. Nothing on your calendar. Just you and the open road. Take off, be you. As weird and funky and ridiculous as possible. Screaming the lyrics from the top of your throat. Smiling at crazy wonk-eyed waitresses. Making the honk noise at truckers. Scratching your nose and nether bits awaiting redemption. You have to live, and live well. There's no such thing as a 'mistake'; you learned something from it, right?

ROUND EIGHT - Curren$y v Ham Sandwich


Right, I don't know that this really fits the competition of best band name from SXSW, but I chose it for some reason. I blame Taylor Conway. Why? Because I can. He's got the swagger, the personality, attracts bears to honey, winks at women, and the hair. Eff you Taylor, I heart you but I secretly want to put you into a Dexter episode.

1) Elevator Music - Our first Rap Artist in the bracket. Nice rhymes; this song is the highest rated Curren$y tune... nice, but nothing that makes me want to tear off my clothes and go agro.

2) Top Of the Money - this ain't no mix tape...yeah, clearly. What's the deal with rappers wanting to puff themselves up talking about money, jets and women, but they have no play? If I was a black woman, I'd be pissed with the amount of cursing and degradation. I can't say the 'N" word , but I also happen to spend my days with black men who don't say it either. So... I don't know what to say about that.

3) Life Under the Scope - I like the melody, the rhymes remind me of Mos Def. I can get behind this song. Would play at at party once the crowd its shitfaced and ready to groove.

Ham Sandwich

Our first Irish competitors, I don't know if they get the Mama Cass joke or not. Lovely competitors, I must say. Been around for a while, perhaps SXSW is their break into the US market.

1) Keepsake - Am in love. Or I am drunk. "If you don't understand, then I'll try to paint a picture..." God damn, I want to run my hands all along this woman and feel her sparkly goodness. Her voice is like truffle oil on my potatoes. I could wrap myself into this melody. Where was this when I was wandering alone the streets of Chico wondering '"What the fuck am I doing?" It's a perfect soundtrack tune to my twenty year-old self. That long drive from Uni to San Diego, the road I have taken many times - am embarrassed that "One Headlight" is what reminds me most of those trips .

2) Click, Click.. Boom! - I always wanted to have a face that could support Betty Page bangs. It was just not meant to be. Nor is my desire to ever be a rocking vocalist for a band. But this song makes me happy to be a hipster, or whatever the hell I am. This song is making my shoulders thrust forward and shimmy my snoobs. It's good, yo. Download, COMPLETE!

3) Ants - Slower. Sweeter. Contemplative. I want to hug my brother for some reason. It all comes down to emotions and memory; for me, this is a moment of silent succulent happiness. (For additional awesomeness, download "Never Talk")


Surprise surprise.. Ham Sandwich. Congrats. To my three readers, head over to iTunes and get some tuneage for your drive home.

Congratulations guys, you are still in the running to become the BEST BAND NAME AT 2011 SXSW! Will happily eat a ham sandwich in honor of your victory today.

Up Next: Lars and The Hands of Light versus Friendly Fires

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ROUND SEVEN: Sex With Strangers v Tokyo Sex Destruction

Sex With Strangers

Not to be confused with a documentary of the same name, SWS appears to be an electronica dance band (they call themselves German Pop and New Wave… um, I guess) who utilizes everything under the sun to make their tuneage. They sure do like robots and huge black iris/eyeballs. Phreaky. And yes Susan, they’re from Canadia.

1) Born Again Liars Social Club – Ooo, froggy. This reminds me of the music Tom Twyker created for Lola Rennt*. I love how the lead singer says “better” …. Bet – tahhhh“I will trade my pants for your sweater” Towards the end at the bridge, there is a slight Coheed & Cambria feel. Just saying. Guess who’s downloading this song right now? ME!

2) New City Anthem – This is hauntingly beautiful, definitely sing-able, absolutely danceable, road-trip-erific, complex layering with electronic beats, harmonious vocals… The G Approves!

3) We Want the Fire – Mixing tablas with electronica to start out, this is a F*(K on the beach jam. You know that scene in the Matrix where the remaining free humans decide to break into a Burning Man dance brigade? All the dread-headed sweaty bodies pounding into the soil and bouncing off the cave walls – but in slo-mo! – with overlays of Neo & Trinity getting in on, literally on a rock? This is that kind of song.

Tokyo Sex Destruction

Punk & Soul band from Vilanova (pretty sure this is in Spain?) From what I can tell, it’s a bunch of dudes with the last name of Sinclair. Have NO idea how they picked their name, what it means or basically any background on the band since their website is not up.

1) Dope & Love – Throw back music, lots of sounds happening at the same time, nice use of an organ (not that kind, get your mind out of the gutter.) Feels like a late 60s / early 70s garage band. It’s a little too cluttered for my tastes.

2) Stories from the Neighbourhood – Am enjoying this one a little bit more. Can imagine that it would be a great gig to see live. Lots of horns in this one, tastes like British on my tongue.

3) Break Out Town – Channels a little bit of The Stones, Doors, James Brown … the influence is there, but it still feels like it needs to marinate in its juices longer. Granted, this song is from four years ago apparently.

I think my issue with Tokyo Sex Destruction is that each song is a work in deconstruction; the lead guitar plays melodies and riffs whenever he feels like it. While I like what I heard, I bet it’s a more fun gig live (versus listening through headphones.) And since I downloaded all three Sex With Strangers tunes, I’m going to have to vote that way. (Yes Dude, you called it, you’re very smart, now shuddup.)

Congratulations guys, you are still in the running to become the BEST BAND NAME AT 2011 SXSW! (So, as long as I don’t have to come to your next show with huge ass scary robot eyes, I think we’re good. Holler when you’re back in Texas.)

Up Next: Curren$y versus Ham Sandwich

* Run Lola Run. We can’t be friends until you’ve seen and love this movie.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Music Monday & Standings - SXSW Best Band Name

It's a Hipster Party and you're all invited! You too, Sexy Japanese Robot Death Machine!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

ROUND SIX: She Keeps Bees v Trampled by Turtles

Since the last round was akin to "Chopper, sic balls" we're going to go ahead and jump the fence and find that dead kid off the tracks. Queue "Lollipop" and pop that thumb from your cheek on the chorus... ba dum bum bum.

She Keeps Bees

Brooklyn based duo (and couple) Jessica Larrabee and Andy LaPlant, (stole that line from Theresa Adebiyi's blog, gratzi, who likens them to sex on wheels, although I don't think they spout eroticism at all. More like, getting a hummer in the back seat of a Nova in the parking lot of a Sonic. Been there, done that, where's my Girl Scout badge?)

1) Focus - Clean and bluesy with a Nancy Sinatra warble. I can see this in an upcoming episode of True Blood. Perhaps Sookie finally taps into Eric's thigh for some V and goes into a trance. Short, kinda seksi but not in a love-making way; more like a "Are you in yet?"

2) Gimme - The lack of bass guitar is more apparent in this. But the chorus is fun, "Gimme it to me Daddy like my back ain't got no bones" - for the record, I've never called anyone Daddy, not even my own Father.

3) Stutter - Her voice reminds me of Julie London, but not quite as studio polished; I'm getting the sense that She Keeps Bees doesn't know what a major chord is. I've had their music on auto play while I refilled my glass and had a smoke - I'm over it and feeling like I would rather be doing my taxes.

Trampled by Turtles

Two Daves, an Erik, Tim and Ryan. Minnesota??? What is with this state on my bracket; is the Great North producing a bevy of musicians for lack of anything entertaining? (Save the cheese, I love me some cheese.) Righteo, time for the judgment.

1) Victory - Banjo! Fiddle! Mandolin?I'm freshly awakened with happiness and verve. No percussion for beat, but one isn't needed here. This is a jam band, and dammit, I'm on board. (Expect this on your stick Adame!) I'm blowing cig ashes off my keyboard in anticipation of the next selection. And hey, check out the video on their site. Fun stop-motion with a dude in jean overalls and hipster glasses. Jam on.

2) Wait So Long - Minnesota? I'm going into a rage. I'm hoping it was a typo for Kentucky or Tennessee. The speed is amazing! You couldn't dance or head bop to this if you wanted to. It's a feet stompin, beer swiggin masterpiece of insanity. Any band that rhymes fornication with money that you're earning is good in my book.

3) Codeine - Damn, I guess this really is Bluegrass. I've never been one much for it; in fact, I'll check to see how much of the genre I have in my iTunes Library - okay, this is embarrassing, but when I typed "bluegrass" into my search function, Blind Melon's 'No Rain' popped up. WTF?

Hands down, it goes to Trampled by Turtles. I can see why the turtles get trampled, should any unfortunate tortoise slowly waddle into one of their concerts, they're gonna get smooshed by the rock. Alrighty boys, you've got a tentative convert. Throw me one of your woodstock-ish shirts and my snoobs will promote you proudly. Have fun at Coachella!

Next Up: Tokyo Sex Destruction versus Sex With Strangers*

* Sex always wins
. Unless you are the King of Spain and working at the Pizza Pizza

ROUND FIVE: Say "No!" to Architecture v. Slapping Purses

Oh my three readers, how you have stuck out your thumb and hitched a ride on this mediocre adventure... color me surprised. It's Saturday night, I'm exhausted from the day of revelries; why not indulge in some "pain medication", sup on some fino vino, listen to some tunes and get through the next round, shall we?*

Say "No!" to Architecture

First, why would we say no to architecture? Are we meant to live in mud huts? And isn't that, on a vary base level, still architecture? I defer to my artsy friends on that one. Digress. SN!TA is apparently their reduction for those who enjoy brevity. (Ya hear me Dude? Cause I knows The Dude approves of brevity from multi-syllabic phrases to go with his White Russian.)

1) Pulsar Traxxx - What the frak? Is this a sonogram? I've been with the most awesome infant in the world this week (rock on Madeline Ann) so perhaps my brain is just conjuring random thoughts on this. But really, it's either a helicopter or a sonogram or aliens trying to beat us at Boggle. No words, no changes in chords, just repetitive thumpa thumpa wave thumpa wave whish whish whish.

2) Psychic Teens - Same as the previous, maybe with a few more UFO fly-bys. (Ditto for the song "Cocaine 'eh" with the exception that it sounds like there are multiple people working on an orgasm in that one.)

3) Fall in Love with Tape Mountain - Wow, a guitar! Drums? Actual chords? Its. The. Same. Thing. I'm. Bored.

Slapping Purses purses

Experimental Electronica from Minnesota. Apparently, I've inadvertently matched up two bands who like DigDug, roll twenties, and are allergic to sunlight. I think I need another glass of Bob Mondav - hold please... fuck it, I grabbed the bottle.

1) NothingTastesAsGoodAsBeingThinFeels - How about, I'dRatherBeChubAndEnjoyGouda? Right, (pressing play... two minutes elapse...) That was, um, interesting.

2) Crumpzone - Srsly? Is this the back beat from a 1985 Casio keyboard? In comes some sort of scratchy, bleeps and riffs. Hell, I'm no wunderkind, but I don't know when I would ever listen to this willingly.

3) I'm Gonna Be So Pretty - Vocal distortion to the point of ludicrousness. Are Slapping Purses really playing at SXSW or are they set up in a bathroom at the train station? Even drunk hobos would throw tomatoes at this shite.

Neither. I think they both suck balls.** This bracket is thrown out. Please vote in the comment section who should replace them in the running to face the winner of Amusement Parks on Fire and Or, the Whale. Wesley Willis is more talented than these guys.

Up Next: She Keeps Bees versus Trampled by Turtles
(We'll jump down in the bracket competition until this argument has been decided.)

* For the record, The Dude says he votes SN!TA and Bueno threw her lot in with Slapping Purses.
** And for my three readers; two of which have balls, the other likes to say balls.

Friday, March 18, 2011

ROUND FOUR: She Wants Revenge v. Les Handclaps

She Wants Revenge

I have to be honest, I happen to know and like this band. Saw them tour with Electric 6 a few years back – they played the side room at Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas, great set – and have been loosely following them ever since. So, it’s probably not right that I included them in this competition, but I’ll try to be as fair as possible by excluding the following songs from review: Tear You Apart, True Romance, All Wound Up (since those are on repeat rotation in my iPod.)

1) Take the World – (watching the video) Wait, is this Justify My Love? Are all these all the women he’s slept with? Nice eyeliner. I feel dirty watching this, is it SFW? Clearly there isn’t anything about this video that I need to watch to understand the song more clearly; it’s just a black and white home footage of women seducing the camera. (Have fun with that, boys!) As for the actual music, I’m going to download it of course. “Is this the life, the one you imagined? Is the life, the one from your dreams?” There is some hook in here that makes me feel like it should be in the movie “The Craft” or “The Lost Boys” … something dark and possibly vampirey. Oh crumbcake, I bet it will show up in the next Twilight movie.

2) These Things – Meh. It’s a little bit of a downer on this one and I say that with love. The “thing” that She Wants Revenge has is Justin singing in a languid, sexy drone. On this song, not so much of the awesomeness. Although, I am intrigued on what she’s doing with the popsicle stick in the bathroom. I mean, who wouldn’t be?

3) Out of Control – I realize again that the reason I dig She Wants Revenge is that each song is a story unto itself. That and you just want to grab someone and screw. This song particularly, which I have not heard before, has a great back and forth sway beat. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. Let’s move on to the competition…

Les Handclaps

Electro-pop? French Canadian? Oh, this should be interesting.

1) Cacti Are Delicious Fruit – Un deux trois quatre? Yup, all in French. Except “Cacti are delicious fruit” yet they don't tell me why... but damn it, the poppy, hip-shaking happiness of the Casio keyboard makes me not want to care. Imagine bouncing around your house, cleaning and dancing in between dusting the blinds; that’s when I would listen to this. Or drunk. Very drunk playing Twister while shooting sake bombs.

2) Pastich – Had to watch a video for this one… the woman sort of frightens me in a Helga of the Vikings way; she’s buff, tall, blond and sassy. Would totally beat up the other lead singer, (who is a smallish, suspenders wearing goob,) most likely she wears the pants in the family. And it’s kind of painful to watch her dance. Is she cross-eyed? Not that any of this matters, I’m downloading the song. I like it.

3) Sunny City – I feel like I’m on speed and bicycling through a portion of a trialthlon, but I’m covered in cotton candy and bees are attacking me. Don’t understand it? Yeah, that’s kinda like the craziness that is happening in this song.

It would have taken quite a feat to beat She Wants Revenge, and je suis très désolé Les Handclaps, but you just didn’t do it. Although for all your positivity and bounciness Les handclaps, She Wants Revenge counter spells you with their dark twistiness.

Congratulations guys, you are still in the running to become the BEST BAND NAME AT 2011 SXSW! (Feel free to send me a lock of your hair Justin. I’ll add it to my donation to Locks of Love)

Up Next: Say "No!" to Architecture versus Slapping Purses

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Round THREE: Spyder Baybie Raw Dog & 2% Muck v. Lars and The Hands of Light

Spyder Baybie Raw Dog & 2% Muck

Two dudes: Spyder Baybie Raw Dog and 2% Muck (no real names known) are from the future and here to teach us their awesomeness. SBRD does the voice noises and MUCK the beat noises; appears that they might be from Minneapolis… but the Minneapolis of the future! Tom is their friend on MySpace.

1) 52 24 73 65 – I had ZERO idea what to expect when launching the video. My first thought was “What ugly bastards. Damn, I’m glad I’m not in college anymore when men haven’t yet learned to groom… oh snap, this is actually pretty fun!” I’m not sure if this is dubstep or rap? It definitely has the beats, waves and thumps to be dubstep. The rhymes are actually pretty fun. That said, I also have NO IDEA what 52 24 73 65 means and I don’t care. The video was bizarrely, murdertastically awesome

2) Linoleum – Great beat, my head is bouncing up and down as I type. This song has a little more melody and complicated overlay sounds… needless to say, I’m enjoying myself. At this point, I only have listened to the music and not done any research on the band itself. God, I hope these guys aren’t misogynistic, racist motherfuckers… or worse, Republicans.

3) Lip Gloss – Now I feel like I’m stuck in some sweaty, dark “club” in Tijuana where you can’t find the exit and pretty sure the place ain’t up to fire code; even down to the whistles and handclaps and whatever that crazy “whaaawhaaawhaaa” thing that annoys my left eardrum. Sorry SBRD & MUCK, you’re ending with a bad taste in my mouth.

Lars and The Hands of Light

Three guys a chickadee and some interesting music from Denmark. Why is she dressed like a rabbit? Who knows, it’s goofy! I gather that Lars is the lead singer, why do the rest have hands of light… do they get lost in the forest? Who knows, Belle and Sebastian want you to love them!

1) Me Me Me – I’m in a forest, and there’s a dude on a guitar - but the chord changes are really weird – and there’s a girl in the band singing too. This should live in a movie soundtrack, some 70s groovy shindig scene with an orange shag carpet. I feel like I'm either in a really bad early Love Boat episode, or taken some really bad shroooms. Either way, not so much.

2) Multicolored – Much more upbeat than the previous song, that’s for sure. I even took a peek at the video for this one – which is two Yeti’s playing a games of blood ball soccer? – the band bounces back and forth, much the same way I used to dance as a sixth grader. But I’ll download this one. Redeemed!

3) Hey My Love, Hey, Love! – hmmm. Back to interesting chord changes. It’s good, but it’s not going to be remembered tomorrow after I get my drink on at the St. Patty's party tonight. I really want to like it, maybe if I saw it live or listened to it again? Alas, this will also not be going into my new music playlist. booo.

I can’t believe it, but it actually goes to the Americans; Spyder Baybie Raw Dog and 2% Muck. Normally, my love for all things Danish would incite a riot, but in these opening rounds, Lars and The Hands of Light just aren’t going to cut the mustard.

Congratulations guys, you are still in the running to become the BEST BAND NAME AT 2011 SXSW! (I’ll buy you a pitcher of Franconia beer if you get your asses up to Dallas, am sure The Fillmore would love to have you play on Friday night.)

Next Up: She Wants Revenge versus Les Handclaps

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ROUND TWO: Worm Ouroboros v. Gobble Gobble

Worm Ouroboros

Why does ouroboros sound familiar? It’s the snake (or dragon) that eats its tail, exemplifying a beginning with no end, or and end that comes back to the beginning. (I prefer mobius strips, but that’s my continuum issues to work through.) Worm Ouroborus, a band from San Francisco/Oakland*, appears to be two women who play a variety of instruments including the glockenspiel (told you that thing is turning up everyewhere!)

1) Goldeneye – Starts kind of dark and twisty. Like a movie where you see the back of a woman staggering, shuffling down a hall in a dirty cotton sleep dress; the light overhead flickering on and off, something is falling from her fingertips in slow motion but you can’t tell if it’s a pen or a bloody knife. Then a woman’s haunting voice comes into play… seriously, these guys are going to be at SXSW? This song is over 7 minutes long and I’m already depressed at 5. It definitely has a place in music

2) Winter – Now I’m in a spaghetti western where someone is about to sacrifice themselves to save the young kid (insert stereotypical sad/redemption scene here.) The melody is simply haunting, moody and making me want to throw myself from the highest mountain I can find. I’m sorry, I can’t listen anymore. This is for a certain individual in a certain mood. Maybe an art student working on their thesis as it relates to birds dying by running into glass.

Gobble Gobble

Is it fair for me to say that this band is probably going to win only so that I don’t have to listen to Worm Ouroboros ever again? Hell, even the name is fun: Gobble Gobble.
Don’t suppose any of my three readers is familiar with the fun little song that goes: “Gobble gobble gobble gobble Quack quack quack! Turkeys go gobble and ducks go quack!” No? Didn’t think so.

1) Lawn Knives – interesting start, oooo glad I’m wearing headphones! Fun interstitials of electronic awesomeness (I swear I heard Super Mario Bros theme in here somewhere!) Even Adame came over from his desk to hear this one.

Okay, I could listen to more songs, but I think Gobble Gobble is the hands-down winner of this match up. It’s just too freaking easy. That being said, I will look forward to the battle they will face against “Or, the Whale” in the upcoming brackets. Congratulations guys, you are still in the running to become the BEST BAND NAME AT 2011 SXSW! (I'm going to do some googleys to find out where I can see you live. Gobble Gobble, you had me at "hello".)

NEXT UP: Spyder Baybie Raw Dog & 2% Muck versus Lars and The Hands of Light

* Suppose we could say the NorCal Bay and be done with it?

ROUND ONE: Amusement Parks on Fire v. Friendly Fires


Amusements Parks on Fire

A Shoegaze* band from Nottingham, England, five members, started around 2004. Apparently they had to bow out of SXSW, I’m not sure of the details as it was a relatively brief note on Facebook. But that isn’t going to sway my opinion. The bracket was created and we’re moving forward!

1) Black Hole Kids – easy to listen to while working, nice drum beats, nice background chorus. Fun interactive video on their site.

2) In Flight – Can’t really hear the vocals as well with all the background stuff going on. A little bit more on the down side, mood wise.

3) In Our Eyes – Got interrupted for the first part of this song to listen to a story about a snake biting a woman’s snoobs and then dying, so the last :30 sounded okay. Again, is it just me or does it seem that the guitars and various sound samples overwhelm the vocals?

4) Alafoss Exit – Ooo, beachy. I am loving this tranquility and undercurrent in the chord progression. Very mellow, reminds me of Sigur Rós. This is perfect chill music but still holds some emotion and makes me wonder what was going on when they wrote it. What the heck is an Alafoss anyway?** (Side note, this Starbucks oatmeal is just ho hum. Sorry Kim, but I might stick to smoothies.)

5) Wiper – When the lyrics finally do come in, I have no idea what they are. The notes go along well with the melody, but feel like there is so much noise – like each musician is fighting with each other to be the loudest and not really taking the song into account. It does level out a little bit when it sounds like they are chanting “bring the wizard back”. That being said, I actually dig it quite a bit. Holy crumbcake! This thing is 8 minutes long?!?

Friendly Fires

A Disco House / Pop / Tropical band from St Albans, UK. Just the description of music makes me think this is going to be happy, upbeat and bouncy. Member of myspace since 2006, I’ll do some wiki-work in a few, but going to start off with their first song listed:

1) Hold On (Cover of Holy Ghost) – oh-my-bow-chicka-wow-wow! Apparently this is a cover, but I really haven’t heard the original. I would actually guess this to be a Jamiroquai song if I didn’t know better. What ever happened to that dude anyway?

2) Paris – “One day, we’re going to live in Paris. I promise. I’m on it.” Kalediscope video is actually pretty fun and reminds me of a weird oompa-loompa exercise video in the fizzy lifting drink room. I’d dance out to this one.

3) Skeleton Boy – I’m starting to learn that these guys would be freaking awesome live, just from watching portions of the videos.

4) Jump in the Pool – Okay, now I see where the “tropical” part comes into play. I keep going back to the videos, this one is like a Bond movie opening (If Barbara Broccoli had any sense to have a fun title sequence (“You Only Live Twice” is still my favorite bond song, specially when I hear bands cover the original. Hint Hint Friendly Fires… hint!)

5) Kiss of Life – Damn, you need head phones for this one. The way the electronics bounce from ear around your head to the other ear is ticklish. I feel transported to the late 80s and bopping around with my hair in a side ponytail. The lead singer is quite an ass-shaker, not that he gets extra-points for that.

6) Strangelove – Oh that takes balls! A freaking Depeche Mode cover? And it doesn’t suck? The vote needs to go to my uber-doober DM fan … Her thoughts: “Thanks for sharing! I like it. The music is very fun. I like his voice, but in this instance, covering a DM song, it’s not as sexy smooth as Dave.”

Amusement Parks on Fire, of the songs I listened to, I only downloaded one to add to my flash drive. Four of the songs I listened to from Friendly Fires were instantly part of a future playlist (TBD, maybe work out tunes or dance while naked around the house stuff.) Perhaps it’s the mood I am in, or maybe the quality of the tunes I heard wasn’t as clear, but I have to say the winner of Round One is Friendly Fires! Congratulations guys, you are still in the running to become the BEST BAND NAME AT 2011 SXSW! (Feel free to let me know where I can buy a band t-shirt, I’ll totally rock it over the weekend.)

Next up: Worm Ouroboros versus Gobble Gobble!

* Yes, I had to look that up. Basically means a band that stands relatively still and plays the music (staring at their shoes) as opposed to rocking out all over the stage, wailing guitars over their head or something. Apparently, Shoegaze peaked in the early 90’s and now it’s considered Nu-Gaze. Whatevs.

** Álafoss ("eels waterfall") is a waterfall in the river Varmá in Mosfellsbær, Iceland. (AHA!!! Amusement Parks on Fire recorded here at the Sigur Rós studio!) A wool factory of the same name has been at a site by the waterfall since 1896, when a local farmer imported machinery to process wool using the energy from the waterfall. During World War II, barracks were constructed there for British soldiers. Álafoss played a major role in the founding and growth of the town of Mosfellsbær. A studio of the band Sigur Rós named Sundlaugin is at Álafoss, and the otherwise untitled fifth track on the band's "( )" album is nicknamed after the area.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

THE SXSW Best Band Name Bracket

Starting with Amusement Parks on Fire and Friendly Fires, I will listen to various songs by each band (top rated on iTunes, highest google search, and most feedback on YouTube) and determine which band I like better. For my Three Readers, feel free to make any comments to sway my opinion one way or another in the comments section.

Tie Tuesday & The Best Band Name 2011

Starting off Tuesday in our awesome cuberhood by rehashing the Lady Gaga concert (and had I known that the Scissor Sisters were the opening act, I may not have relinquished my seat so easily) but most importantly, it's Tie Tuesday! In honor of St Patrick and all things Irish, I'm all about the green. Adame snapped this picture in the middle of a laugh/snort - awesome - too bad you can't see me rocking the green Converse six-holes.

Right. So you* challenged me to Best Band Name Debate 2011. This would literally be an insane task due to the sheer multitude of bands in the world; not only do I NOT have that kind of time, but it would most likely lead me to booze (and I already drink like a Sailor.) Therefore, caveats need to be in place in order to make a determination.

Here's a selection from the upcoming SXSW concerts, randomly selecting a few of my favorite names. I'll make some sort of bracket system to face them off against each other, then based on the awesomeness of whatever song pops up on youtube for the band, dwindle down until we have a winner. I guess I'm participating in a March Madness after all.

1. Amusement Parks on Fire
2. Curren$y
3. Friendly Fires
4. Ham Sandwich
5. I Was Totally Destroying It
6. Lars and The Hands of Light
7. Les Handclaps
8. Or, The Whale
9. Say "No!" To Architecture
10. Sex With Strangers
11. She Keeps Bees
12. She Wants Revenge
13. Slapping Purses
14. Slim Cessna's Auto Club
15. Spyder Baybie Raw Dog & 2% Muck
16. Tokyo Sex Destruction
17. Trampled by Turtles
18. Worm Ouroboros
19. Dreaming in Stereo
20. Gobble Gobble

*Yes you, you know who you are

Monday, March 14, 2011

Music Monday: Stare Into the Sun by Graffiti 6

While cruising in the Cube into work today, sipping on my Citrus Squeeze from Jamba Juice, a song came across on XMU that I had heard a few times previously but never really checked out; I always thought it would make a great Music Monday feature if I'd just remember the title/artist.

What caught me in the moment is the stream of conciosuness that went through my head as I listened to the song. Granted, you're not me, so I know you won't understand a lot of the connections between the words and phrases below, but thought that I would share; especially after watching the film created by PIRATES for CIA to go along with this music.

- Photographs at the wacky "hostel" in Amsterdam during the eclipse
- Bunkbeds
- Mack Attacks and songs from Canadian guitarists
- Shopping at Ikea
- Skyscrapers and white desks
- Horses pulling carriages and cowboy hats
- Claudette and the big orange couch
- Ringing in my ears
- Buskers with multiple glass balls
- Bass guitars and following white rabbits
- Who was that Ali kid anyway?
- Three of hearts or was it spades?
- Canals and 50s backless seats
- I'm blue, Da Ba De Da Ba Di
- Wish I had thought of wandering around capturing that
- It was his couch after all
- It wasn't very good anyway
- Did we really sleep for 20 hours
- Let's go back to Cinque Terra
- There's another orange one

Stare Into the Sun by Graffiti 6

Thursday, March 10, 2011

For My Three Readers

Isn't it said when you realize that you've been kinda lame?* I've been reading my friends blogs lately and recognize that my own is rather unreadable as of late.** This is no real surpirse, it's basically been me posting a music video of some band that I discovered on XMU or AltNation. And then we spirialed into short postings about death, and that's not exactuly uplifting or entertaining reading. Thus, I'll be working towards bringing back the awesome inner G, that is me, with my uniquely nerdatastic point of view on life.

* I initially typed this sentence using the word "suck" but it didn't have the right feel.
** Suprisingly, they all seem to write about food, restaurants and all things yummy - which is awesome, but makes me a) hungry and 2) want to spend money and finally wonder why I'm not invited out to eat at these awesome locations with them?

Monday, March 7, 2011

What I Learned Today : February 2011

• Why Strassbourg is not Strassburg
• Sae-hae-bok = Happy New Year
• Trucks are not good for ice/snow
• Meme (sounds like cream) was coined in 1975
• Snow is fun to drive in. Weeeee!
• Jamba Juice uses $500 blenders
• 617 is Boston… yeah, forgot that
• Shaq is 7 feet tall
• The Pistons won in 04/05
• Kelvin is brave and courageous*
• That Bruce is Bruce and Dan is Central CAM
• Planters Peanuts is owned by Kraft
• Google? Yes, google. Googly!
• Sue is an awesome storyteller
• Steve is the fastest draw in the west
• Monday is not a good day for press releases
• HOV = High Occupancy Vehicle
• Clayton was Little Mister Red Oak
• Selleck. Waterfall. Sandwich.
• Honey badgers don't care. Honey badgers don't give a shit.

Music Monday - Mona!

Listen To Your Love by Mona

In honor of Chris's new baby... Rosie, the 72 Chevy Nova