Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ROUND SEVEN: Sex With Strangers v Tokyo Sex Destruction

Sex With Strangers

Not to be confused with a documentary of the same name, SWS appears to be an electronica dance band (they call themselves German Pop and New Wave… um, I guess) who utilizes everything under the sun to make their tuneage. They sure do like robots and huge black iris/eyeballs. Phreaky. And yes Susan, they’re from Canadia.

1) Born Again Liars Social Club – Ooo, froggy. This reminds me of the music Tom Twyker created for Lola Rennt*. I love how the lead singer says “better” …. Bet – tahhhh“I will trade my pants for your sweater” Towards the end at the bridge, there is a slight Coheed & Cambria feel. Just saying. Guess who’s downloading this song right now? ME!

2) New City Anthem – This is hauntingly beautiful, definitely sing-able, absolutely danceable, road-trip-erific, complex layering with electronic beats, harmonious vocals… The G Approves!

3) We Want the Fire – Mixing tablas with electronica to start out, this is a F*(K on the beach jam. You know that scene in the Matrix where the remaining free humans decide to break into a Burning Man dance brigade? All the dread-headed sweaty bodies pounding into the soil and bouncing off the cave walls – but in slo-mo! – with overlays of Neo & Trinity getting in on, literally on a rock? This is that kind of song.

Tokyo Sex Destruction

Punk & Soul band from Vilanova (pretty sure this is in Spain?) From what I can tell, it’s a bunch of dudes with the last name of Sinclair. Have NO idea how they picked their name, what it means or basically any background on the band since their website is not up.

1) Dope & Love – Throw back music, lots of sounds happening at the same time, nice use of an organ (not that kind, get your mind out of the gutter.) Feels like a late 60s / early 70s garage band. It’s a little too cluttered for my tastes.

2) Stories from the Neighbourhood – Am enjoying this one a little bit more. Can imagine that it would be a great gig to see live. Lots of horns in this one, tastes like British on my tongue.

3) Break Out Town – Channels a little bit of The Stones, Doors, James Brown … the influence is there, but it still feels like it needs to marinate in its juices longer. Granted, this song is from four years ago apparently.

I think my issue with Tokyo Sex Destruction is that each song is a work in deconstruction; the lead guitar plays melodies and riffs whenever he feels like it. While I like what I heard, I bet it’s a more fun gig live (versus listening through headphones.) And since I downloaded all three Sex With Strangers tunes, I’m going to have to vote that way. (Yes Dude, you called it, you’re very smart, now shuddup.)

Congratulations guys, you are still in the running to become the BEST BAND NAME AT 2011 SXSW! (So, as long as I don’t have to come to your next show with huge ass scary robot eyes, I think we’re good. Holler when you’re back in Texas.)

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* Run Lola Run. We can’t be friends until you’ve seen and love this movie.

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G said...

Damn, did I call it, or call it? SWS actually had a remix on The Matrix soundtrack. Challah!