Thursday, March 17, 2011

Round THREE: Spyder Baybie Raw Dog & 2% Muck v. Lars and The Hands of Light

Spyder Baybie Raw Dog & 2% Muck

Two dudes: Spyder Baybie Raw Dog and 2% Muck (no real names known) are from the future and here to teach us their awesomeness. SBRD does the voice noises and MUCK the beat noises; appears that they might be from Minneapolis… but the Minneapolis of the future! Tom is their friend on MySpace.

1) 52 24 73 65 – I had ZERO idea what to expect when launching the video. My first thought was “What ugly bastards. Damn, I’m glad I’m not in college anymore when men haven’t yet learned to groom… oh snap, this is actually pretty fun!” I’m not sure if this is dubstep or rap? It definitely has the beats, waves and thumps to be dubstep. The rhymes are actually pretty fun. That said, I also have NO IDEA what 52 24 73 65 means and I don’t care. The video was bizarrely, murdertastically awesome

2) Linoleum – Great beat, my head is bouncing up and down as I type. This song has a little more melody and complicated overlay sounds… needless to say, I’m enjoying myself. At this point, I only have listened to the music and not done any research on the band itself. God, I hope these guys aren’t misogynistic, racist motherfuckers… or worse, Republicans.

3) Lip Gloss – Now I feel like I’m stuck in some sweaty, dark “club” in Tijuana where you can’t find the exit and pretty sure the place ain’t up to fire code; even down to the whistles and handclaps and whatever that crazy “whaaawhaaawhaaa” thing that annoys my left eardrum. Sorry SBRD & MUCK, you’re ending with a bad taste in my mouth.

Lars and The Hands of Light

Three guys a chickadee and some interesting music from Denmark. Why is she dressed like a rabbit? Who knows, it’s goofy! I gather that Lars is the lead singer, why do the rest have hands of light… do they get lost in the forest? Who knows, Belle and Sebastian want you to love them!

1) Me Me Me – I’m in a forest, and there’s a dude on a guitar - but the chord changes are really weird – and there’s a girl in the band singing too. This should live in a movie soundtrack, some 70s groovy shindig scene with an orange shag carpet. I feel like I'm either in a really bad early Love Boat episode, or taken some really bad shroooms. Either way, not so much.

2) Multicolored – Much more upbeat than the previous song, that’s for sure. I even took a peek at the video for this one – which is two Yeti’s playing a games of blood ball soccer? – the band bounces back and forth, much the same way I used to dance as a sixth grader. But I’ll download this one. Redeemed!

3) Hey My Love, Hey, Love! – hmmm. Back to interesting chord changes. It’s good, but it’s not going to be remembered tomorrow after I get my drink on at the St. Patty's party tonight. I really want to like it, maybe if I saw it live or listened to it again? Alas, this will also not be going into my new music playlist. booo.

I can’t believe it, but it actually goes to the Americans; Spyder Baybie Raw Dog and 2% Muck. Normally, my love for all things Danish would incite a riot, but in these opening rounds, Lars and The Hands of Light just aren’t going to cut the mustard.

Congratulations guys, you are still in the running to become the BEST BAND NAME AT 2011 SXSW! (I’ll buy you a pitcher of Franconia beer if you get your asses up to Dallas, am sure The Fillmore would love to have you play on Friday night.)

Next Up: She Wants Revenge versus Les Handclaps

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