Monday, March 28, 2011

ROUND NINE - Lars and THe Hands of Light v Friendly Fires

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back! I hope my three readers didn't turn all Ralph & Jack fighting over the conch* during the break between the competition postings. Had to fly to Boston, be awesome, hang out with Colin Farell**... the usual. Only two songs in this round since there were more in the bracket that they previously competed in. Why? Cause I said so, and I'm the boss of this here bloggy blog.

Lars and The Hands of Light

1) My Feet Keep Tagging Along - Ooo funky. Great bass groove, fun tablas, the guitar riff is beachy. All this needs is jazz flute... OHMIEDWARD THEY'VE GOT JAZZ FLUTE! In the words of my illustrious, but never obsequious, leader, "Duh, WINNING!"

2) Three To the Floor - Why does this remind me of The Brady Bunch? I could totally see Greg moving his corduroy booty and that bad-ass, massive, winged collar to the groove. Oh, and here comes Marsha swaying her hair to the beat - watch out for them footballs Marsh - I had to actually look back to make sure this wasn't one of the ones I've heard before. "The coffee don't last in this household... we all want the job, but we don't want the job". Far out lyrics, man.

Friendly Fires

1) On Board - Oh how I love Mister Bassy Bass. Make me groove with your diggity-dug-dug. I would brake into a funky dance jam with this groovitude. See my ass a'shakin? That's me rocking out to your "Don't stop. Don't stop. Don't stop." I'll go ahead and shake my tambourines. Not to mention, the video is awesome with it's 'Across the Universe' Mister Kite feel. Rock on with your bad selves.

2) In the Hospital - Dude, what did you do to get into the hospital? Rock your funky ass beats? Cause that shizz is medicine in, and of, itself. (Sorry Bueno and Hollingsworth if my AP style ain't correct.) I want to mix a strawberry margarita and love on some one. And just when you think it's over, they come back for some love and memories.

This was a tough one, but I'm going to go with Friendly Fires. (Sorry Adame.) Congratulations Friendly Fires, you are still in the running to become BEST BAND NAME AT SXSW. Feel free put a pool in my backyard, as long as I don't have to pay for maintenance.

Up Next: Or. the Whale versus Trampled By Turtles

* Back in the 90s, when video camcorders were the size of a small goat, my brother and his friends made a reenactment of Lord of the Flies. To this day, that rock on our property where Ky said "What do you boys think you're doing? Fun n games?" will reverberate in my childhood memories.
** Yeah, I just named dropped. Whut?


Anonymous said...

NOOOOOO, Can't Lars get some love out there. I think you need to re-count the votes. It's the name and if the songs are equal I think you should go to the name of the band. Lars and the Hands of Light has a better band name (and the music is great) than Friendly Fires. Don't make me not water Stevie.

G said...

I can't believe you would torture a plant, MY inherited plant that I brought back to life, over this Adame! Who knows, maybe there will be a fan favorite vote off... sheesh