Saturday, March 19, 2011

ROUND SIX: She Keeps Bees v Trampled by Turtles

Since the last round was akin to "Chopper, sic balls" we're going to go ahead and jump the fence and find that dead kid off the tracks. Queue "Lollipop" and pop that thumb from your cheek on the chorus... ba dum bum bum.

She Keeps Bees

Brooklyn based duo (and couple) Jessica Larrabee and Andy LaPlant, (stole that line from Theresa Adebiyi's blog, gratzi, who likens them to sex on wheels, although I don't think they spout eroticism at all. More like, getting a hummer in the back seat of a Nova in the parking lot of a Sonic. Been there, done that, where's my Girl Scout badge?)

1) Focus - Clean and bluesy with a Nancy Sinatra warble. I can see this in an upcoming episode of True Blood. Perhaps Sookie finally taps into Eric's thigh for some V and goes into a trance. Short, kinda seksi but not in a love-making way; more like a "Are you in yet?"

2) Gimme - The lack of bass guitar is more apparent in this. But the chorus is fun, "Gimme it to me Daddy like my back ain't got no bones" - for the record, I've never called anyone Daddy, not even my own Father.

3) Stutter - Her voice reminds me of Julie London, but not quite as studio polished; I'm getting the sense that She Keeps Bees doesn't know what a major chord is. I've had their music on auto play while I refilled my glass and had a smoke - I'm over it and feeling like I would rather be doing my taxes.

Trampled by Turtles

Two Daves, an Erik, Tim and Ryan. Minnesota??? What is with this state on my bracket; is the Great North producing a bevy of musicians for lack of anything entertaining? (Save the cheese, I love me some cheese.) Righteo, time for the judgment.

1) Victory - Banjo! Fiddle! Mandolin?I'm freshly awakened with happiness and verve. No percussion for beat, but one isn't needed here. This is a jam band, and dammit, I'm on board. (Expect this on your stick Adame!) I'm blowing cig ashes off my keyboard in anticipation of the next selection. And hey, check out the video on their site. Fun stop-motion with a dude in jean overalls and hipster glasses. Jam on.

2) Wait So Long - Minnesota? I'm going into a rage. I'm hoping it was a typo for Kentucky or Tennessee. The speed is amazing! You couldn't dance or head bop to this if you wanted to. It's a feet stompin, beer swiggin masterpiece of insanity. Any band that rhymes fornication with money that you're earning is good in my book.

3) Codeine - Damn, I guess this really is Bluegrass. I've never been one much for it; in fact, I'll check to see how much of the genre I have in my iTunes Library - okay, this is embarrassing, but when I typed "bluegrass" into my search function, Blind Melon's 'No Rain' popped up. WTF?

Hands down, it goes to Trampled by Turtles. I can see why the turtles get trampled, should any unfortunate tortoise slowly waddle into one of their concerts, they're gonna get smooshed by the rock. Alrighty boys, you've got a tentative convert. Throw me one of your woodstock-ish shirts and my snoobs will promote you proudly. Have fun at Coachella!

Next Up: Tokyo Sex Destruction versus Sex With Strangers*

* Sex always wins
. Unless you are the King of Spain and working at the Pizza Pizza


Adame said...

I agree with this, She Keeps Bees is okay, wouldn't have them on my rotation of music. Whereas I would have Trampled by Turtles I would.

Can't wait until the next round.

G said...

Woah, what's with the aggitation & attitude, dude? Do you need a hug?

You're jumping ahead, I haven't gotten to the next round, (but I'll keep your comments in mind.)