Thursday, March 10, 2011

For My Three Readers

Isn't it said when you realize that you've been kinda lame?* I've been reading my friends blogs lately and recognize that my own is rather unreadable as of late.** This is no real surpirse, it's basically been me posting a music video of some band that I discovered on XMU or AltNation. And then we spirialed into short postings about death, and that's not exactuly uplifting or entertaining reading. Thus, I'll be working towards bringing back the awesome inner G, that is me, with my uniquely nerdatastic point of view on life.

* I initially typed this sentence using the word "suck" but it didn't have the right feel.
** Suprisingly, they all seem to write about food, restaurants and all things yummy - which is awesome, but makes me a) hungry and 2) want to spend money and finally wonder why I'm not invited out to eat at these awesome locations with them?


Dude_Here said...

What about Dale Earnhardt Junior Junior? I just wish their sound was as rockin as their name. Too country-fried, if I recall.

Dude_Here said...

Whoops. I meant to comment under the We We Promised Jetpacks deal. Anyway, commence best band name 2011!

G said...

Alrighty. Will work on best band name debate.

Anonymous said...

You're always welcome to dine with me, silly! :)