Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tie Tuesday & The Best Band Name 2011

Starting off Tuesday in our awesome cuberhood by rehashing the Lady Gaga concert (and had I known that the Scissor Sisters were the opening act, I may not have relinquished my seat so easily) but most importantly, it's Tie Tuesday! In honor of St Patrick and all things Irish, I'm all about the green. Adame snapped this picture in the middle of a laugh/snort - awesome - too bad you can't see me rocking the green Converse six-holes.

Right. So you* challenged me to Best Band Name Debate 2011. This would literally be an insane task due to the sheer multitude of bands in the world; not only do I NOT have that kind of time, but it would most likely lead me to booze (and I already drink like a Sailor.) Therefore, caveats need to be in place in order to make a determination.

Here's a selection from the upcoming SXSW concerts, randomly selecting a few of my favorite names. I'll make some sort of bracket system to face them off against each other, then based on the awesomeness of whatever song pops up on youtube for the band, dwindle down until we have a winner. I guess I'm participating in a March Madness after all.

1. Amusement Parks on Fire
2. Curren$y
3. Friendly Fires
4. Ham Sandwich
5. I Was Totally Destroying It
6. Lars and The Hands of Light
7. Les Handclaps
8. Or, The Whale
9. Say "No!" To Architecture
10. Sex With Strangers
11. She Keeps Bees
12. She Wants Revenge
13. Slapping Purses
14. Slim Cessna's Auto Club
15. Spyder Baybie Raw Dog & 2% Muck
16. Tokyo Sex Destruction
17. Trampled by Turtles
18. Worm Ouroboros
19. Dreaming in Stereo
20. Gobble Gobble

*Yes you, you know who you are

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