Monday, March 14, 2011

Music Monday: Stare Into the Sun by Graffiti 6

While cruising in the Cube into work today, sipping on my Citrus Squeeze from Jamba Juice, a song came across on XMU that I had heard a few times previously but never really checked out; I always thought it would make a great Music Monday feature if I'd just remember the title/artist.

What caught me in the moment is the stream of conciosuness that went through my head as I listened to the song. Granted, you're not me, so I know you won't understand a lot of the connections between the words and phrases below, but thought that I would share; especially after watching the film created by PIRATES for CIA to go along with this music.

- Photographs at the wacky "hostel" in Amsterdam during the eclipse
- Bunkbeds
- Mack Attacks and songs from Canadian guitarists
- Shopping at Ikea
- Skyscrapers and white desks
- Horses pulling carriages and cowboy hats
- Claudette and the big orange couch
- Ringing in my ears
- Buskers with multiple glass balls
- Bass guitars and following white rabbits
- Who was that Ali kid anyway?
- Three of hearts or was it spades?
- Canals and 50s backless seats
- I'm blue, Da Ba De Da Ba Di
- Wish I had thought of wandering around capturing that
- It was his couch after all
- It wasn't very good anyway
- Did we really sleep for 20 hours
- Let's go back to Cinque Terra
- There's another orange one

Stare Into the Sun by Graffiti 6

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