Sunday, February 24, 2013

Music Monday - "This Year" by Mountain Goats

 I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me.

It Isn't Relevant to the Story

In the wee small hours of this morning - 

G: I had a weird dream
Hubster: Oh yeah, what?
G: I was in Oregon and I was getting married-
H: -wait a minute!
G: What?
H: Well, who was the groom?
G: He's not relevant to the story.
H: You're getting married and the groom isn't relevant to the story?
G: No, because I didn't even get to the wedding. Anyway, it was raining and I was in a golf cart and then I went down a chute. 
H: A chute?
G: Yeah, like chutes and ladders. A chute!
H: Okay, then what?
G: The chute spit me out into a pool with a bunch of people who added me to their water polo / dodge ball team-
H: You're all wet and clammy. Appraently you brought the rain out with you from the dream.
G: Dream rain? 
H: That should be your catch phrase... DREAM RAIN!
G: No, people at work already think I'm weird enough. 
H: Okay, fine. Then how about "it isn't relevant to the story."
G: *sigh* 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Early Music Monday - "Young" by Air Review

This is too good to wait for Monday!

Local guys: Dragan Jakovljevic, Douglas Hale, Richard Carpenter, Jeff Taylor and Justin Robinson. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Music Monday - Hipster Disney Princess

Adame's birthday was this past weekend.  His desire was to meet up at Franconia Brewery in McKinney for the Saturday tour. I said I would go, though Hubster had to get some shut-eye before work. Bueno was going to be there too, so I definitely wanted to catch up outside of work.

I've been to Franconia before with Rhett and Stace; it was a few years ago and I think there was 25 or so of us on the tour.  Dennis (the Creator, Developer, Owner and Brew Master) is a passionate speaker and clearly loves the process to make the best beer. When I heard how emphatically he believes in quality control of the beer, I was all the more impressed.  Like I said, that was about two years ago.  Oh, how things change.

First, I got horrendously lost.  I drove 10 miles out of the way on the 75 North, getting stuck in construction going 3 miles an hour; so I had to turn around and go back. Then, I went the right way on 380 but not far enough and was confused and turned around, driving 15 miles in the wrong direction. Somewhere around this point my phone died and I cursed bloody hell.  I really regretted not taking the GPS out of the truck, or my phone charger from my other bag... both things that the Hubster had triple asked me before I left that I should grab.

Eventually, I figured it out and made it to Franconia. I was only 35 minutes late but there was still a massive line out the door. What the what?? Apparently, everyone aged 25 - 45 in the metropolis decided to visit today!  And not only that, 99% of them were Hipsters.

HIPSTERS?  Ohmygodyouhavegottobekiddingme! Here is just an assortment of the Hipster/DBaggery that was on display:
  • Mutton chops
  • Facial hair "art"
  • Circa 1980's mustaches
  • Layered shirts, vests and jackets
  • Hand knitted scarfs, artfully draped
  • Two tone hair
  • Thick, black glasses
  • Questionable hygiene
  • Wearing a knitted soft hat
  • Tie pins and tweed
  • Unevenly chopped hair
  • Leather messenger bags
  • Ironic t-shirts Quasi-Steampunkers without irony
  • Pocket watches
  • Vans and Chuck Taylors
 *Sigh* And the worst part?  I realized belatedly that three of the things I "spotted" ... I was also wearing.

So here's the music for Monday... Hipster Disney Princess.

What else makes a Hipster?  Some thought starters:
  • Raising chickens for fresh eggs
  • Raising goats to make goat cheese
  • Use of Tom's toothpaste
  • Playing a banjo
  • Calls their hat a "chapeau"
  • Refuses to listen to "pop" music
  • Can ride a unicycle
  • Makes tea by straining leaves through a proper strainer
  • Owns multiple bottles of various whiskies
  • Calls anything artisanal or says they are an artisan
  • Only owns vinyl records

Monday, February 4, 2013

Music Monday -" All That's Mine" by Depeche Mode

I wasn't particularly excited by the new DM single "Heaven".  Apparently, I'm not the only one (but don't tell Devo that.) So, here is the B-side entitled "All That's Mine".