Monday, July 30, 2012

Music Monday - "In Your Light" by Gotye

Thanks to Bueno for today's selection.
It does sound rather early Wham-ish!
I posted the live version, so skip ahead to 1:20 for the song.

Friday, July 27, 2012


It is rather hard to say 'mob novel' out loud when the person before says 'mob nob el'.

(Anthony Bourdain is hosting Mob Week on AMC.)

Weekly Wrap Up

It was a rather challenging week, which had its own theme song.

Yet, I learned that it's easy to be a Wino on the Go and I got a Boob Cake.

Hubster and I are anxiously awaiting the London 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony.  We tried to come up with an authentic British meal, but got lazy and failed. I don't think a Hungry Man Pub Grub battered chicken meal and a pint of Guinness really is appropriate; but I'm tired and our oven is still broken and neither Hungry Man or Guinness is even English so does it really matter?

Yay, 15 minutes until the Olympics!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fun with Paint

From: G

Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 08:50:43 -0700
To: Devo
Subject: hahaha so true

From: Devo
Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2012 10:54 AM
To: G
Subject: Re: hahaha so true

YES!! I've seen this before and I absolutely LOVE it!!

From: G
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 08:58:40 -0700
Subject: RE: hahaha so true

Cept you two are more like this…

From: Devo [mailto:DevoIsAwesome]
Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2012 11:02 AM
To: G
Subject: Re: hahaha so true


(Because Devo and her husband are ridiculously tall.)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SYTYCD Wrap Up - Top 16

Ooo Kat! Love the 50s glamourpuss hair and red lips.

The Here and After - Jun Miyake (Group Routine)
Black and White Charlie Chaplin slash Hobo number. Though the moostaches are still slightly Hitler-esque. Imjustsayin. (What was that insurance company that uses a red umbrella as their logo? Found it.) Choreography was coolio and song was great. I'm not sure what Tyce Mister Oreos had in mind with this, but good job.

Special Judge Cristina Applegate... whaaaaa? Well, it's not as weird as Zooey Deschanel, but clearly FOX is promoting its shows with star judges who don't dance.
Oh and we learn there is a 2 week break due to the Olympics. Yay Olympics... Boo SYTYCD.

Tiffany and George "Out of My Mind" by B.o.B. feat. Nicki Minaj 
He peed his pants in track. She got a 5.22 GPA in High School
Babysitter routine. Can't take your eyes off Tiffany. Far superior in this routine. Okey dokey NappyTabs!

Judges, specifically Mary Murphy, are annoying. Shut your trap.

Brandon and Amber "Dr. Feelgood" by Aretha Franklin
She's a hairstylist. He was in Step Up.
Southern couple after work. Baby making music. Hot and sexy. All we needed was the "o" onstage. Good job Ray Leper (thanks Nigel for stealing my "baby making" comment.) Sweat is pouring off Brandon's eight pack during judges comments. Magic Mike Much?

Janelle and Dareian "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen
He's a skateboarding dare devil and she writes bad raps.
Ooo Pasha Cha Cha! And it's the song Hubs and I joke over. I just met you. You're probably crazy. Here's my number. Kill me maybe. Didn't your mom ever tell you not to talk to strangers?
Great job. Entertaining. I'm kinda over the critique thing.

Lindsey and Cole "Wild Horses" by Charlotte Martin
He's an actor and she hates feet. Angry Mary Moore routine.
I really hate this song. This version isn't half bad, but I still hate this song. The dancing is great though. Best choreography of the night.

Amelia and Will "You!" by The Creatures
He wants to be in boy band and she carries SPF 100. Jazz with Mandy Moore, opposites attract.
Will executes better, but she's kinda awesome too. Cool routine, but I'm not connecting. Therefore, I won't vote. Nothing hit my heart chord.

Matthew and Audrey "Cinco Salsa" Sverre Indris Joner / HSC / KORK
He likes to golf and she wears a night guard.
Time for a salsa. It's challenging, but it's boring. "Nothing outstanding" says the Hubs... and I agree.

Witney and Chehon "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston
He can play the violin and she cthinks she knows German but clearly does not.
Hubs points out that Chehon has an abnormally long neck and must own a lot of turtlenecks. Choreography is by Stacey Tookey. When the upfront gives a great story, the dance is more complete to the audience. Just saying. Standing O. Connected partners but nothing that makes me want to keep them. I didn't cry. Make me cry and you have my vote.

Eleana and Cyrus "Toxic" by District 78 feat. Cheesa
She killed a bird and his bellybutton is a XBOX power switch.
Hip Hop NappyTabs about a ballerina and a robot.
If they were constantly in strobe light, it would be better. Hubs notes that if there were a crank on the side of the pedestal she stands on, it would be more rad. They should have painted him in silver as a robot.

In danger: Amber, Lindsey, Eliana, George, Brandon and Dareion

Hubs and I agree that Eliana and Dareion need to stay.

Though best performance of the night goes to...
"Jungle Jazz" by Les Tambours du Bronx. Alvin Avion Dance group: The Hunt
Black slaves sold to white merchants? Dance for your life. Sexuality. Life and death? The way the front dancers had their mouths covered at the end makes me want to know more. Want to talk to Joe Black about this tomorrow.

So who is out?
Amber and Brandon.

See ya in two weeks.

Belated Music Monday - "How Soon Is Now" The Smiths

I am human and i need to be loved, just like everybody else does.

UPDATED 7/26/12
Week has turned out to be a steaming pile of platypus poop.
Even Adame agrees.
This is the perfect song to wallow in the angry.

The One Where Parul Shocks Us All

Holy Krishna in a Cheesebasket... Parul's wearing a COLOR! And it's blue! And vibrant!
I think hell hath frozen over.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tiny Bubbles... And Nekkid Bums... Make Me Happy... And I Have Lotsa Fun

I've been wanting to go see "Magic Mike" for a little while, so I talked Trish the Dish and Adame to go with me on a three-way date. 

Adame demanded we get alcohol so we could be nice and silly in the theater (especially as one of two guys in there, he needed the drink) and it didn't take much to convince Trish. She brought her superdooper movie purse that can hold a pocketbook, umbrella, ham radio and a small elephant.

Off we went to Central Market to load up on supplies before hitting Cinemark. I went to the wine/beer section and starting looking around for something portable. The friendly wine guy came over and asked if I needed help... Why yes sir, I do!

Explaining the situation, he brought me over to a display of Sofia Sparkling Wines.
Available in a handy pink box for travel, it includes four 187 milliliter cans... with bendy straws included! I don't think this is what Sofia Sparkling Wines had in mind for word-of-mouth marketing... but it worked!

It's as if Sofia Coppola understands the need for a wino on the go!

Obvs from the above picture, I bought it (I think it was around $15). We got to the theater a little early and decided to have a pre-movie party.
What you can't see here is that there are cut out "bubbles" along the side that make perfect hand-holds for the drink. Think "Bowling Ball" full of sparkling wine goodness.
Cute little can, Looks like a mini coke. See the bendy straw attached to the side? 
You can see T's ear in the picture. I'd like to note that we were parked and not driving.  
All there is left to do is try it out. 
Pre-bendy straw bend. I took a sip. 
Mmm. Tasty!
Not Perrier Jouet tasty, but not that bad. Better than Andre for sure. And portable!

It was a fun night. The movie was good, surprising development of character. 
Well that, and nekkid bums.

Suggestive Cupcake of the Day

I'm just saying...
Oh, and it tasted not so good.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Once I've had my coffee, checked my googles and settled in for the work day ...
I'll get a Music Monday pick.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Poem for Aurora

On two occasions I have been in the presence of death.
I have watched air escape lungs.
And at no point did I feel anything but


I sit here after the recent tragedies at the Aurora Movie Shootings
And wish

that I could have done something
Changed it

But I can't
And I feel
And I cry

I have plenty to say
But the words escape my fingertips

On the news

Texas Sheriff pulls over a truck with a busted tail light, going a little slow on a country road. He approaches the vehicle and an octogenarian woman has her hands on the ten and two.

"Ma'am, license and registration, please."

She hands over her drivers license and her concealed handgun permit.

"Ma'am, do you have weapons on your person or within your vehicle?"

"Yes Officer, I do. One in my glove box. One in my purse. One in the driver door compartment and one under the seat."

The Sheriff is surprised and asks the woman "Ma'am, I have to ask. What are you afraid of?"

She replies... "Nothing."

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bring Your Kids to Work Day - Part 2

So we had our very first "Bring Your Kids to Work" day. 
I only have the boopins, so I didn't really participate.
But I did contribute by throwing words on a paper for the video Joe Black made.
I'd post the video here but Joe is being a D****E Canoe and not sharing the files.
(You'll owe me $10, I'm just saying.)

This is Pilot Duane up front with President Fred. The kids calmed down long enough to pay attention.

Here's KelBel's little girl Alexia. So cute. "Water is good for you!" You're right Lexi, it is!

Patrick's kid has a mohawk. I just think that's awesome.

 They had fun all morning, watched the video, ate pizza, made homemade paper planes and other stuff.
Then in the afternoon, they went outside for a water balloon fight.
I couldn't make up those clouds if I tried. It was hot, but gorgeous!

Elizabeth was a good sport while her nephews pegged her.

So Not Hobbit Feet

This is my friend Trish the Dish, who has the prettiest feet I know.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SYTYCD - Top 20 Wrap up

It’s 7 central and time for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!
Top 20 perform, 4 get booted.
Let’s go.
Bee tee dubs, nice earrings Kat.
Top 20 - The Beautiful People, Marilyn Manson
Are we at Disney’s Haunted Mansion? What the frak? Blondie Ballerina (what’s his name again? Daniel. Okay.) kinda rocks it. Oh, it’s a dub step version of the song! Cool. The guy who introduced it at the beginning (sorry man, I don’t know your name yet... You’re black and have great hair... oh CYRUS!) is split between the men and women, costume wise. A comment on sexuality? Maybe. I have a feeling this is a routine by spikey haired chick. Nope, it’s a NappyTabs.
Okay, that was interesting. Now they introduce by couples... that’s new.  Fake smiles everyone!
Blah blah. Kat. Blah blah. I miss hearing her say “jidg-es!” But she looks like a big, sexy tomato. So there is that. Apparently the US Post Office is issuing stamps of four famous American dancers. Does anyone send snail mail anymore?
LINDSAY AND COLE - Christopher Scott routine
He’s wearing a “I do my own nude scenes shirt” in the upfront. She’s got long hair. It’s a routine about Dentists?
“Teeth” by Lady Gaga
A sexy dentist coming on to a nerdy asian. Um, okay. Stop mugging for the camera Lindsay. The nitrious oxide makes it all better. Say it with me “awwwww”. Fun number to start off the show. 
AMELIA AND WILL - Sonya Teyah routine
Weight of the world on their shoulders. Okay! SHould be an amazing number!
“3326” by Olafur Arnalds
Great partnering work. Hubs says ballet-style. I would see this at the SMU artist performance. Wonderful lighting and understating costumes. This did not disapoint. Wonderful. Just great. Both performers were in their element. 
AMBER AND NICK - choreography by some Argentinian (?) peeps I didn’t get their names fast enough
It’s a tango routine. 
“Tanguera” by Sexteto Mayor
They work great together! This season is stepping it up. I think I was pretty hard on them last week, this week is fantastic partnering, legwork and lifts. She kinds looks like Rihanna, but in a great way (not a slutty mess way).
AUDREY AND MATTHEW - another Sonya Teyah routine
Are they kickboxing? What’s with the karate moves in the promo? Sonya says its intense and robotic. Okey dokey. 
“Hear Me Now” by Steed Lord
Punctuated leg moments. Great movement. It went well with the music. I have zero criticism. Not very personal or moving, but great choreography and wonderful execution.  It had some stanky dub steps, so it was a nice change from last week. 
JANELLE AND DARIAN - Christopher Scott routine
He wants to marry her. Yet, he does Donald Duck impressions. This should be intriguing.
“My Girl” by The Temptations
Hubs perks up cause he likes the song. Boopins have jerky treats. It’s a bit distracting. 
Fast and erratic. Not in sync. Not enough connection between the two. Cute kiss at the end. Blarg. No one is going to vote for this. Choreographer dialed it in.
JANAYA AND BRANDON - Sean Cheesman (dude, you’re black with a last name about cheese?)
It’s two peeps at a bus stop. She’s reading 50 Shades of Grey and apparently attacks him with her seksiness. 
“Bring on the Men” by Linda Eder
Broadway routine. Nothing special until the inverted flip near the end. That’s why they put your routine in the middle. Cause it’s pretty much blah. 
Hubs reminds me that Mary Murphy’s voice is exceptionally annoying.
ELIANA AND CYRUS - routine by Melanie Lapatin & Tony Meredith
What the frak again! They don’t have a clue what is going on. I think this is a jive number.
“I’m Shakin’ ” by Black White
He’s black. She’s white. Comment on the song writer? IDK. 
She can shake her ass. And flip. He can... do stuff, I guess. Nice splits, lady! Hey, I just met you. This might be crazy. You can split your legs. The results will be crazy.
ALEXA AND DANIEL - Dee Caspora number
Something to do with a bathtub. Following a 50 Shades number just a bit ago, i have commentary, but will hold it.
“So Long My Friend” by Yanni
Oh, how I hate Yanni. Nice claw foot tub though! Step to step. It’s executed well but i don’t feel a connection. Too fast and frantic. It’s a hard routine, but there’s something missing. 
TIFFANY AND GEORGE - routine by Melanie Lapatin & Tony Meredith
Foxtrot. Boring preview. We know nothing of the dancers.
“I Want To Be Loved By You” by Sinead O’Conner
Well, it was the best ballroom routine I have seen in a while. Likely, brides will want to copy it. But the lifts will be challenging. Boop boop de oop.
WITNEY AND CHEHON - Nakul Dev Mahajan routine
Bollywood! Bring It!
“Tandav Music” by Aatish Kapadia
Witney hit her marks perfectly. I dig the song. I’ve been drinking, so let’s move on.
Dancers in danger: no surprise.
Witney is safe. Bye bye to Alexa and Janaya.
Chehon is safe. Bye bye to Nick and Daniel.

See ya next week!

Bring Your Kids to Work Day - Part One

I'll post more about today's Bring Your Kids to Work Day activities... in the mean time, say hi to my friend Parul's son, Liam.

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Bunch of Animals

We started off with a dog named Coax. Dad named him, I think he was a terrier mutt. Don't remember him very well.

Then Ky and I each got rabbits. Mine was a dwarf white named Skipper. His was a grey French lop named Thumper. Let's just say that Thumper thumped my bunny and killed her. I came out to the hutch one day to find her dead with little bunny feet poking out of her hoohaa. Thumper died of heat stroke while we were on vacation. That's the story at least.

We got parakeets the next year, and I let the caged birds sing ... Off to their death, most likely.

Then a hamster I called Whopper who was let free in the avocado orchard. Ky had a number of snakes, one that got loose in the house and wrapped around a TV to keep warm.

Crystal and Samantha were our first dogs. Both of which my mom had to put down while we were in college.

And now? We each have our furry boopins. Flash Jordan, the peekapoo fluff ball that yips but loves my brother with its little fuzzy feet. And us with the four pugs: Mooch, Rugen, Odin and Nadia.

Oh, we had fish at one point too. I think the angelfish ate their babies.

That's a lot of pets.

Music Monday - Short Change Hero, The Heavy

I can't see where you're comin' from
But I know just what you're runnin' from:
And what matters ain't the who's baddest but
The ones who stop you fallin' from your ladder.

This goes as a shout out to one of my three readers.
I got your back. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

In My Noggin

I used to make holiday cookies with the Maas family.
Why is everything sold on TV $19.99?
I would totally be a Goonie.
Moocha Poocha Chubby Wubby Fat Boy is happiest when he sleeps on my right side.
Thunder is great, but rain is better.
Would the lamb shoulders taste better with a mustard rub?
Why can't we all get along?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Taste of Dallas Review

Having never been to a "Taste of (insert city here)" it seemed appropriate that I attend my first one in the metroplex where we currently live. Since it's waaaaaaay down in Fair Park, we opted to hop the DART Green line for $4.50 instead of wasting gas driving and paying $12 to park. I thought that was rather clever of us. Save money + socially conscious. Go us!
Here's the Hub checking out the rail map. At least three people stopped him to talk about his ink. I swear, I can't take that guy anywhere. 

We got there around 1:30, right at the hottest part of the day (real smart there). Cost $16 for the two of us to gain entry, which is a little rich if you ask me. First stop, Texas Land and Cattle for a sirloin slider with horseradish cream. We were so hungry that we wolfed them down and I forgot to take a photo. $3 for each, it hit the spot. Then we washed them down with a $4 bottle of Sprite. 

Moving along, I got a pulled chicken taco from Nuevo Leon Mex Mex ($3) which was hot x 2 (hot as in 'not cold' and hot as in 'spicy'.)
Hubs wandered off to find an ice cream, he got a vanilla bean something from Jasmine Uniquely Cusine ($3). I went into one of the showrooms for air conditioning and found a petting zoo. What? Yes, a petting zoo at Taste of Dallas. There's a sick joke in there somewhere. 
It's at least 95 and I wanted to jump in the fountain. We should have come later, c'est la vie. Working clockwise, we passed by Bryan Street Tavern and Clay Pit, stopping only at Social Ice for a Mimosa popsicle which was FREE! Most of the food stalls were sliders, tacos, gyros... various beef products. 

Finally, we hit the food trucks. Honestly, the best food was in this section. Truly interesting ideas and more global food. I think there were about 12 food trucks in all. 
(Right before this pic was taken, he opted to buy a hat to keep his head from getting burned. It was an orange Texas hat for $15 (I can't remember what college that is... A&M maybe) that he bought from a pot smoking Rastafari, right across from the kids bouncy house.) 

I opted to start at Crazy Fish and check out their sushi rolls. $3 for 4 rolls with salmon, cream cheese, sauce, bell pepper and capers. Mmm! Worth it. 
Next I stood in line for a Korean something or other, but the sun got to me and I bailed before long. I also tried waiting for a kebap from Selim's Doner Kebap House but after three minutes, I could tell the line was not going to be moving. 

So we opted to finish off the afternoon with a Baja Fish Taco - jicama and pickled slaw! - from The Taco Shack. $6 for two, tasty but the fish could have been more crispy. 
Hubster wanted to get the tacos from the Tin Star truck, but since I eat there almost every Monday and get $2 tacos, I wasn't about to pay an extra buck.

So all told, we spent $60.50 for three hours of entertainment and full bellies. If you go (and you have only one more day to go) I would recommend going at dinner time and starting light with the food trucks, then working your way back into the main area for sliders and turkey legs. 

Honestly though? The food is actually better at The Texas State Fair. 

BOOOM! There went a chunk of the ceiling...

I ditched my Amazon Amy workout this morning. 

Instead, Hubster and I met up with my cousin Ringo at the gun range this morning. (Ringo is not his real name. I mean, could you imagine my Aunt naming her son Ringo? Well, first you would have to know my Aunt Nan, but still... who names their kid Ringo? Mrs. Starr did, but I think after 1965, you can't do that to a child. He got the name "Ringo" because he used to wear circular blue-tinted glasses like John Lennon. A friend got confused and started calling him after the wrong Beatle. It stuck. Hubs calls him Ringo. I call him Brad. His first name is actually William. It's a long story...)

Hubster is on left, Ringo on the right. He's a tall dude, I want to say 6'7 or something; today he was shooting a 40 caliber and 9 mm semi-automatic. Hubs had his 44 and brought along two 12 gauge shotguns. 

This is one of the shotguns that he MacGyver'd himself. Removed the stock and put in a pistol grip pump, then for funsies he painted it camo. Made for CQB (close quarter battles). 

I got in a little bit o shooting myself with my .38, then Hubs wanted me to shoot a couple rounds with the shotgun.

I'd like to say the center shot was mine, but it's not. I think I hit the upper left on this target. Then the second one I hit the ceiling of the range. Whoopsie daisy!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Real Eck Abode House Convo #333

Me: Wouldn't it be weird if we were driving down the street and we saw Brad Pitt walking along the road?
Hubs: Yeah it would. What, did his car break down or something?
Me: Sure. Would you pick him up?
Hubs: Nah, I'd let him keep walking.
Me: What if it were Morgan Freeman?
Hubs: Oh, I'd pick him up.
Me: Why? Is it an age thing?
Hubs: Well yeah. I mean, if it were Brad Pitt, I'd just roll down the window and say "It's hot out there ain't it Mister Pitt?" But if it were Morgan Freeman, I'd offer him a ride.
Me: What about Tom Cruise? He's 50.
Hubs: He's healthy and has Scientology on his side. Walkin.
Me: Clint Eastwood?
Hubs: Pick him up.
Me: Jim Carrey?
Hubs: Walkin.
Me: Dustin Hoffman?
Hubs: Pick him up.
Me: Kim Basinger?
Hubs: Oh she's DEFINITELY walkin.
Me: Dolly Parton?
Hubs: Pick her up. She's old as dirt.

When "Sup?" is replaced with "Howdy!"

At home this Friday morning with the Hubster and we are passively watching The Today Show before heading off to the hospital*.  We both looked up from separate tasks (I was checking work email on the crackberry, he was playing monster with Moocha) and stopped what we were doing to listen to a song being performed live.

Me: This is good.
Hubs: Yeah it is. Who is this?
Me: (googling) Um, the Zac Brown Band? Babes, I think this is country.
Hubs: What? This isn't country. The guy looks like Paul Bunyun!
Me: Huh. He kinda does!  But no honey, I'm pretty sure we're listening to country... and LIKING it.  We've been in Texas too long.
Hubs: No, this is alternative I think. Or just their mainstream song and the rest of their stuff is country.
Me: Well let's watch the video.

Me: I think it's probably country. They are performing another song after commercials, we'll know then.
(next song comes up and it's DEFINITELY country music.
Hubs: What did I tell ya? The rest of their $^!# is country bumpkin.

*Hubs is going under anesthesia to get his throat checked out again

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm sorry, you failed

They say an elephant never forgets.
They are not the only creature with that trait.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Um Kat? You look like an Oompa Loompa. Chill on the spray tan.

Architect of the Mind - Kerry Muzzey
What was that? Mad Men? Ooo, me likely. When is Mad Men coming back anyway? Wouldn't it be awesome if Don Draper broke out into dance? With a smoke and gin and floozy of course. The dude in the front at the end was stellar... Either Matthew or Will, maybe?
Christopher Scott choreographer. Good job, yo.

Witney (no "h" which is weird) who can flower her tongue but scared of crickets. Chehon (key on) the Swiss ballet dancer. They'll be doing a samba routine choreographed by Louis Van Amstel.
Jump - The Cube Guys & Lucinana
She's in pink. His shirt is unbuttoned like a Latin lovah. (say it with me.. Love ahhh)
She's too smiley. Music is better than the routine. In fact, this music in small doses is good, longer than that you need an aspirin. Chehon's leg flares are distracting me. That said, Chehon steals it. Hello Magic Mike Musical?

Judges babble about stuff.. Blah blah. Mary Murphy clearly borrowed her jewels from Van Cleef. Oh, and Kat is in something sparkly.

Tiffany has baby hands and a pet duck. George (George II thankyouverymuch) has a pet frog. I guess these two belong together. Time for a contemporary routine from my favorite choreographer Sonya Tayeh. It's all about looooove peeps.
Turning Page - Sleeping At Last
Holy crumb cakes, it's a Twilight song. Way to play into the audience Sonya. Too early in the competition for this routine. The dancers don't connect. We don't connect with them. It's gorgeous, but I don't believe it. Give that to me later in the season when I will cry.

Judges talk. I notice we didnt see how they were paired this season. They must be being nice. This is about choreographers and not dancers tonight. But if this is what is to come from Sonya, I'm on board.

She wants to meet Shamus and hates Chucky. He speaks too fast. Something about pazzokis?
Napoleon and Tabitha hip hip. (Nattytabs) An alcoholism number, Tabitha is super preggo.
Take Care - Drake featuring Rihanna (an alcoholic if there ever was one)
Who is the boozer here? IDK? He's in a wife beater.. Just sayin. Janaya can't keep up. Okay, he kicks the bottle and chooses her. Whatevs.

Judges babble. I still think it would have been better if she was the alkie.

Alexa barely made it through. She couldn't connect. She likes red lstick and puppies. Daniel is the ballet dance from SFO. He's ann Aussie... Yeah, we get it. Time for a jazz routine from Sean Cheesman. Will it be cheesey? I just don't know.
Hey Hey - Dennis Ferrer
They are in a box contraption. Helloooo Olivia Newton John pants! They look good together, same coloring and hair. Good music, but I feel like I'm at a froufrou dance club and they are the entertainment. Better song than dance number.

Judges .. I skipped through comments.

I'm not even going to comment. This is a bad match. Sassy black chick and flamboyant white kid, notsomuch. Oh snap, they got the dreaded Viennese waltz from Jason Gilkson. Yeeeeah, you are going home.
Knights in White Satin - Tina Arena
Wow, racist much? It's great and fluid, but no one is going to vote unless you are Amber or Nick's friend. Great lifts though.

Judges.. Skipped. The chick-fil-a commercial was more interesting.

She's the Amelie want-a-be. Will is the dude I think I already dig. Except when he says UM. And they get a Nappytabs hiphop. It's about cats. Okay then.
The Lovecats - The Cure
She knows where to place her booty. Looks like he wants to sniff it. It's okay. Kinda.. Meh.

I'm going to skip Judges from here on out. It's stupid and sexually charged. NEXT!

She likes stuff, he does too. I'm bored. Let's dance. African something with the Cheese dude.
Jungle - Hilight Tribe
Remember in Can't Buy Me Love when the dude did the african mating dance ritual? It looked like that. But worse.

Type Diorio, Broadway
Run and Tell That - Hairspray
Kneepads for ten seconds of choreography. Meh. Cyrus has ridic earring things happening. Nope, not voting for him.

Don't eff it up. They've got Travis Wall. So again, don't eff it up. It's a lovey Dovey piece on the Titanic. SO DON'T EFF IT UP!!!
Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers
Omg. Travis, 4rlz? That is so trite. Hubs even called the dive from the couch. That said, it was sexy. And Matthew is a mini Ryan Gosling. Chicks will vote for it like they read 50 Shades do Grey.

Another Jason routine with a Paso Doble.
Unstoppable - E.S. Posthumus
Hubs interjects he wants a dance routine with all Super Heroes. The fact is if your not first or last n the show, no one remembers you. Cole is not wearing a shirt cause he's a martial artist. Nuff said. Where were the lifts? Mary Murphy has an annoying voice.

The end. We shall see who gets cut. I'm thinking someone in the middle.

Meetins Iz Ovah!

Our internal business quarterly meeting ended this afternoon.
This is the outfit I wore on Monday.
I was feeling like a "Betty" then.
Pretty happy and excited for the presentations and new learnings.

Aaaaaaaand this was the outfit today.
Believe it or not, that top is pink sequins and sparkles.
You can't tell, but it does.
My ten minute presentation was shortened into 2 minutes flat.
I nearly hyperventilated, that's how fast I spoke.
Meetings are over. Colleagues from out of town hugged. Time to get back to work.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Moving Forward

If starting off the day with this song is any indication, today will be a better day.

If I could write a song for my brother, this would be it.

Love you.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Welp, it's time to wabba-dem-hoobies cause it's nappins.

Every family has it's own special language. Here are a few words from our lexicon.

Boopins - Our pugs.  "Baby, let's take the boopins for a walk."

Welp - This immediate moment. As in... "Welp, time to go."

Nappins - Time to go to sleep for the night. "Welp, time for the nappins."

Wabba-dem-hoobies - To launch the boopins onto the bed, particularly in a style that has them fly a couple feet in the air, with their ears flapping, before landing softly on the mattress. "Baby, Moocha is whining and needs up. Wabba-dem-hoobies!"

Hipa-hopa - May I have some of your beverage? "Baby? Hipa-hopa?" 

Skittley boopins and raggley snaps - How things end up going when you don't have a choice. "I was in line at the store and then this guy cut in front of me. Skittley boopins and raggley snaps!"

Elephant Shoes and Olive Juice - I love you and I love you more. "Nigh-night baby. Elephant Shoes and Olive Juice."

Boopins Head Tilt

This pretty much sums up what happens in my house ... times four.

Music Monday - Hugo "99 Problems"

Hubster made a new mix CD for the Nova. When I got in it this morning to drive to work, this song came on... I had never heard it. It has an amazing addictiveness; probably listened to it back to back at least eight times and now have it almost memorized. Even more striking was that it was fitting for the day I had.
Don't ask about the significance of the iguana. I have no idea.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

It was a WTF Monday

Learned Why no one should give me fake mustaches

We had way too much boom-shakala on  Independ-hizzle

And why no one should challenge me In a fake Dating Game

See ya later alligator. I'm off to get silly with the Hubster.

The Dating Game (not used by permission or even based in reality)

Goooooood evening ladies and gentlemen! Tonight's single lady is Ms. Fancypants who will be going on hypothetical dates with a variety of interesting lads. All so that she can fall in love and leave her job and become a woman of leisure. You with me? GREAT! Let's get started. 

Bachelor Number One is a businessman who splits his time between Dallas and New York City. Born in  Dubai, he went to Eton College and graduated Summa cum Laude from Oxford with a Masters in Business. Speaks fluent Arabic, Farsi, French and English (but with a lovely British accent... imagine him saying "herbs" and "collecting his belongings from the trolley".) Loves his parents and little sister, enjoys mountain hiking, dining out and listening 80s music. Meet... Ammon!
Ammon will fly you to NYC for the weekend. With separate suite rooms at the Waldorf to uphold your reputation, he'll wine and dine you, take you for a lovely afternoon at the Met, carriage ride through Central Park, sweet kisses at the top of the Empire State Building.  His downfall? Well, he's just so damn NICE!  Attractive? Yes. Wealthy? God yes. But just doesn't flutter your leg warmers. Sorry Ammon... time to try Bachelor Number Two! 

Bachelor Number Two is a twenty-six year old Pharmaceutical Rep who moonlights as a fitness trainer. Surprisingly bright, he's an avid reader (well, he listens to books on tape as he runs. So that kind of counts.) He has also had some success developing products to remove unwanted body hair with some of the chemical creams he sells to plastic surgeons. (All on the down low - you need to know the secret word ... "mango".)  He frequently travels to Baja for the surfing and dreams of riding the sweet waves in South Africa.  Meet Brody!

Brody will pick you up in his door less Jeep and whisk you away to a little Mexican place he discovered one drunken evening. Incredibly flirtatious, he will gaze into your eyes (and likely at your legs) and ask you all about meaningless things. You'll have a great time and feel like a million bucks, until you realize he's wearing a silver cross around his neck. Nervously, you wonder if he's a Christian (which makes absolutely no sense when his hand is on your thigh and you're barely through your third Corona.) His answer? No ma'am, it's because of the vampires. You laugh heartily, but he doesn't join in. That's it Brody... belief in the undead is a deal breaker.  Let's go ahead and meet Bachelor Number Three!

Bachelor Number Three is a soulful musician. He sings, plays the guitar and piano, and while his persona screams "rockabilly", he's actually more of a blues guy. Grew up in Georgia on a farm in the middle of nowhere, he's the youngest of seven brothers. (And oh yes, he has a loverly southern twang that could melt icicles off of Santa's netherbits.) Though he's a night person, he likes to spend his free time in the park flying a kite and spouting impromptu haikus about TV shows. Meet.... Jack!

Jack is a pretty chill dude. He'd take off his leather jacket and drape it around you if you're cold, then dance around you and sing a love song. He'll take you on the first date to a little speakeasy where you'd try absinthe, wax philosophically about Ayn Rand and The Peanuts, then laugh merrily as he takes the stage to perform a number inspired by your eyes. He's a good bloke. Sexy? Yes. Dresses well? You betcha. And he has perfectly coiffed hair. You run your hands through it to muss it up and he doesn't care. Is he a keeper? Who knows... but he doesn't own TV or have Internet capability. Plus, he sleeps on the floor with a duvet. Yeeeeaaaaaah, you're a little over that scene. 

But that's all we've got for the Friday Evening Date Night! Tune in next week where we meet a Martial Artist, a Chef and a really hot guy who weaves baskets and chants.

Thanks folks! We outtie!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stuff In My Cube

This is a handpainted piece of art by Heather Hogan.
It's a pug.
It looks a lot like Rugen (Rugie Poogie Fat Boy)
I added the 'stache.

The Nonexistant Workout Wednesday Haiku

Was a holiday
I didn't work out at all
That's why I'm chubby

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Indepen-hizzle!

Hubs and I were invited out to the Adame Ranch for early Fourth of July celebrations ...  Adame lives in BFE ... but before getting there, we stopped to pick up a few fireworks.
About $100 bucks later. (But totes worth it.) 
Though, when we get to the Adame Ranch, it turns out that they had been stockpiling fireworks since Abraham Lincoln fought Vampires.
Soooo, we just added ours to the pile.
Adame got cooking on the grill.
Nice flippy floppies, yo.
And then I showed off my cowgirl boots.
And thought it would be funny to ride his lawnmower.
Rocking my Star Wars shirt. 
Then after eating and such, it got dark enough to light up a few sparklers.
I will note that I was NOT on the lawnmower at this point.
I left that to Adame, who rocked a Roman Candle in his hand will driving around scaring the horses.
You might be a Redneck.
Trish showed up with a professional firework package.
It was called "The Shizzle". 
(I blame Adame for the blurriness of this photo. He was intoxicated.)
And it was, the SHIZZLE!
Fun time had by all. 
Thanks to the Adames and Independence and legal fireworks and beer and patriotism and all that jazz.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Music Monday - I Am Nonplussed

Yeah. I don't have the foggiest either.
Much like today.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Crapshoot Experiment

The previous post got me thinking. If you started with "Eddie Izzard" on Wikipedia and kept hitting the first blue link within the topic and ended up with "Academic Discipline" twice, is it possible that any word would end up back in the same place?

Not likely, but I decided to try an experiment with an unbiased word. Thanks to my gal Erin Beth for responding so quickly to my Facebook posting, the selected word was "crapshoot".  (Erin happens to be ridiculously awesome and I wish we lived in the same city because I'm sure that we would get together on Tuesday nights to watch Tosh.0 or Chopped and drink copious amounts of wine and be the power of awesome squared.)

So here goes.
Crapshoot.  (Oh Wiki, you don't recognize it as a word and re-direct me to Craps. Bad wiki!)
Dice game
Psychology (appropriate since Erin is a Social Worker who deals with Psychology.)
Italic languages
Indo-European (aha! it's going to end up in the same place! I can feel it!)
Language families

Holy crumbcake! It did it again!
I gotta test another word!
Thanks to Lisa & Darcey (not sure which one posted since they share a FB account) I'm trying "quest".

Comparative mythology
(back to myths)
Inca mythology
Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire
Spanish colonization of the Americas
Spanish Empire
Sovereign state


Once you get to science and latin, it will auto go to "Academic Discipline".  And that goes to college, which will go back in a loop to latin.

Try it. I've done it three times know. I bet that if you started with "kimono" or "duck hearts" you're still going to end up at the same place.

*head explodes on a miniature scale*

Eddie Izzard = Academic Discipline

Watching Eddie Izzard live at Madison Square Garden and he had this bit about Wikipedia and jam, which led me to wonder what would happen if I keep clicking the first blue link in each wiki page entry... starting with
Eddie Izzard
stand-up comedian
academic discipline
technical term
social science
academic discipline ... what a minute, we're now in a giggle loop!