Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SYTYCD - Top 20 Wrap up

It’s 7 central and time for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!
Top 20 perform, 4 get booted.
Let’s go.
Bee tee dubs, nice earrings Kat.
Top 20 - The Beautiful People, Marilyn Manson
Are we at Disney’s Haunted Mansion? What the frak? Blondie Ballerina (what’s his name again? Daniel. Okay.) kinda rocks it. Oh, it’s a dub step version of the song! Cool. The guy who introduced it at the beginning (sorry man, I don’t know your name yet... You’re black and have great hair... oh CYRUS!) is split between the men and women, costume wise. A comment on sexuality? Maybe. I have a feeling this is a routine by spikey haired chick. Nope, it’s a NappyTabs.
Okay, that was interesting. Now they introduce by couples... that’s new.  Fake smiles everyone!
Blah blah. Kat. Blah blah. I miss hearing her say “jidg-es!” But she looks like a big, sexy tomato. So there is that. Apparently the US Post Office is issuing stamps of four famous American dancers. Does anyone send snail mail anymore?
LINDSAY AND COLE - Christopher Scott routine
He’s wearing a “I do my own nude scenes shirt” in the upfront. She’s got long hair. It’s a routine about Dentists?
“Teeth” by Lady Gaga
A sexy dentist coming on to a nerdy asian. Um, okay. Stop mugging for the camera Lindsay. The nitrious oxide makes it all better. Say it with me “awwwww”. Fun number to start off the show. 
AMELIA AND WILL - Sonya Teyah routine
Weight of the world on their shoulders. Okay! SHould be an amazing number!
“3326” by Olafur Arnalds
Great partnering work. Hubs says ballet-style. I would see this at the SMU artist performance. Wonderful lighting and understating costumes. This did not disapoint. Wonderful. Just great. Both performers were in their element. 
AMBER AND NICK - choreography by some Argentinian (?) peeps I didn’t get their names fast enough
It’s a tango routine. 
“Tanguera” by Sexteto Mayor
They work great together! This season is stepping it up. I think I was pretty hard on them last week, this week is fantastic partnering, legwork and lifts. She kinds looks like Rihanna, but in a great way (not a slutty mess way).
AUDREY AND MATTHEW - another Sonya Teyah routine
Are they kickboxing? What’s with the karate moves in the promo? Sonya says its intense and robotic. Okey dokey. 
“Hear Me Now” by Steed Lord
Punctuated leg moments. Great movement. It went well with the music. I have zero criticism. Not very personal or moving, but great choreography and wonderful execution.  It had some stanky dub steps, so it was a nice change from last week. 
JANELLE AND DARIAN - Christopher Scott routine
He wants to marry her. Yet, he does Donald Duck impressions. This should be intriguing.
“My Girl” by The Temptations
Hubs perks up cause he likes the song. Boopins have jerky treats. It’s a bit distracting. 
Fast and erratic. Not in sync. Not enough connection between the two. Cute kiss at the end. Blarg. No one is going to vote for this. Choreographer dialed it in.
JANAYA AND BRANDON - Sean Cheesman (dude, you’re black with a last name about cheese?)
It’s two peeps at a bus stop. She’s reading 50 Shades of Grey and apparently attacks him with her seksiness. 
“Bring on the Men” by Linda Eder
Broadway routine. Nothing special until the inverted flip near the end. That’s why they put your routine in the middle. Cause it’s pretty much blah. 
Hubs reminds me that Mary Murphy’s voice is exceptionally annoying.
ELIANA AND CYRUS - routine by Melanie Lapatin & Tony Meredith
What the frak again! They don’t have a clue what is going on. I think this is a jive number.
“I’m Shakin’ ” by Black White
He’s black. She’s white. Comment on the song writer? IDK. 
She can shake her ass. And flip. He can... do stuff, I guess. Nice splits, lady! Hey, I just met you. This might be crazy. You can split your legs. The results will be crazy.
ALEXA AND DANIEL - Dee Caspora number
Something to do with a bathtub. Following a 50 Shades number just a bit ago, i have commentary, but will hold it.
“So Long My Friend” by Yanni
Oh, how I hate Yanni. Nice claw foot tub though! Step to step. It’s executed well but i don’t feel a connection. Too fast and frantic. It’s a hard routine, but there’s something missing. 
TIFFANY AND GEORGE - routine by Melanie Lapatin & Tony Meredith
Foxtrot. Boring preview. We know nothing of the dancers.
“I Want To Be Loved By You” by Sinead O’Conner
Well, it was the best ballroom routine I have seen in a while. Likely, brides will want to copy it. But the lifts will be challenging. Boop boop de oop.
WITNEY AND CHEHON - Nakul Dev Mahajan routine
Bollywood! Bring It!
“Tandav Music” by Aatish Kapadia
Witney hit her marks perfectly. I dig the song. I’ve been drinking, so let’s move on.
Dancers in danger: no surprise.
Witney is safe. Bye bye to Alexa and Janaya.
Chehon is safe. Bye bye to Nick and Daniel.

See ya next week!

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