Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Indepen-hizzle!

Hubs and I were invited out to the Adame Ranch for early Fourth of July celebrations ...  Adame lives in BFE ... but before getting there, we stopped to pick up a few fireworks.
About $100 bucks later. (But totes worth it.) 
Though, when we get to the Adame Ranch, it turns out that they had been stockpiling fireworks since Abraham Lincoln fought Vampires.
Soooo, we just added ours to the pile.
Adame got cooking on the grill.
Nice flippy floppies, yo.
And then I showed off my cowgirl boots.
And thought it would be funny to ride his lawnmower.
Rocking my Star Wars shirt. 
Then after eating and such, it got dark enough to light up a few sparklers.
I will note that I was NOT on the lawnmower at this point.
I left that to Adame, who rocked a Roman Candle in his hand will driving around scaring the horses.
You might be a Redneck.
Trish showed up with a professional firework package.
It was called "The Shizzle". 
(I blame Adame for the blurriness of this photo. He was intoxicated.)
And it was, the SHIZZLE!
Fun time had by all. 
Thanks to the Adames and Independence and legal fireworks and beer and patriotism and all that jazz.

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