Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bring Your Kids to Work Day - Part 2

So we had our very first "Bring Your Kids to Work" day. 
I only have the boopins, so I didn't really participate.
But I did contribute by throwing words on a paper for the video Joe Black made.
I'd post the video here but Joe is being a D****E Canoe and not sharing the files.
(You'll owe me $10, I'm just saying.)

This is Pilot Duane up front with President Fred. The kids calmed down long enough to pay attention.

Here's KelBel's little girl Alexia. So cute. "Water is good for you!" You're right Lexi, it is!

Patrick's kid has a mohawk. I just think that's awesome.

 They had fun all morning, watched the video, ate pizza, made homemade paper planes and other stuff.
Then in the afternoon, they went outside for a water balloon fight.
I couldn't make up those clouds if I tried. It was hot, but gorgeous!

Elizabeth was a good sport while her nephews pegged her.

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