Friday, July 13, 2012

When "Sup?" is replaced with "Howdy!"

At home this Friday morning with the Hubster and we are passively watching The Today Show before heading off to the hospital*.  We both looked up from separate tasks (I was checking work email on the crackberry, he was playing monster with Moocha) and stopped what we were doing to listen to a song being performed live.

Me: This is good.
Hubs: Yeah it is. Who is this?
Me: (googling) Um, the Zac Brown Band? Babes, I think this is country.
Hubs: What? This isn't country. The guy looks like Paul Bunyun!
Me: Huh. He kinda does!  But no honey, I'm pretty sure we're listening to country... and LIKING it.  We've been in Texas too long.
Hubs: No, this is alternative I think. Or just their mainstream song and the rest of their stuff is country.
Me: Well let's watch the video.

Me: I think it's probably country. They are performing another song after commercials, we'll know then.
(next song comes up and it's DEFINITELY country music.
Hubs: What did I tell ya? The rest of their $^!# is country bumpkin.

*Hubs is going under anesthesia to get his throat checked out again

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