Monday, July 9, 2012

Welp, it's time to wabba-dem-hoobies cause it's nappins.

Every family has it's own special language. Here are a few words from our lexicon.

Boopins - Our pugs.  "Baby, let's take the boopins for a walk."

Welp - This immediate moment. As in... "Welp, time to go."

Nappins - Time to go to sleep for the night. "Welp, time for the nappins."

Wabba-dem-hoobies - To launch the boopins onto the bed, particularly in a style that has them fly a couple feet in the air, with their ears flapping, before landing softly on the mattress. "Baby, Moocha is whining and needs up. Wabba-dem-hoobies!"

Hipa-hopa - May I have some of your beverage? "Baby? Hipa-hopa?" 

Skittley boopins and raggley snaps - How things end up going when you don't have a choice. "I was in line at the store and then this guy cut in front of me. Skittley boopins and raggley snaps!"

Elephant Shoes and Olive Juice - I love you and I love you more. "Nigh-night baby. Elephant Shoes and Olive Juice."

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