Saturday, July 14, 2012

Taste of Dallas Review

Having never been to a "Taste of (insert city here)" it seemed appropriate that I attend my first one in the metroplex where we currently live. Since it's waaaaaaay down in Fair Park, we opted to hop the DART Green line for $4.50 instead of wasting gas driving and paying $12 to park. I thought that was rather clever of us. Save money + socially conscious. Go us!
Here's the Hub checking out the rail map. At least three people stopped him to talk about his ink. I swear, I can't take that guy anywhere. 

We got there around 1:30, right at the hottest part of the day (real smart there). Cost $16 for the two of us to gain entry, which is a little rich if you ask me. First stop, Texas Land and Cattle for a sirloin slider with horseradish cream. We were so hungry that we wolfed them down and I forgot to take a photo. $3 for each, it hit the spot. Then we washed them down with a $4 bottle of Sprite. 

Moving along, I got a pulled chicken taco from Nuevo Leon Mex Mex ($3) which was hot x 2 (hot as in 'not cold' and hot as in 'spicy'.)
Hubs wandered off to find an ice cream, he got a vanilla bean something from Jasmine Uniquely Cusine ($3). I went into one of the showrooms for air conditioning and found a petting zoo. What? Yes, a petting zoo at Taste of Dallas. There's a sick joke in there somewhere. 
It's at least 95 and I wanted to jump in the fountain. We should have come later, c'est la vie. Working clockwise, we passed by Bryan Street Tavern and Clay Pit, stopping only at Social Ice for a Mimosa popsicle which was FREE! Most of the food stalls were sliders, tacos, gyros... various beef products. 

Finally, we hit the food trucks. Honestly, the best food was in this section. Truly interesting ideas and more global food. I think there were about 12 food trucks in all. 
(Right before this pic was taken, he opted to buy a hat to keep his head from getting burned. It was an orange Texas hat for $15 (I can't remember what college that is... A&M maybe) that he bought from a pot smoking Rastafari, right across from the kids bouncy house.) 

I opted to start at Crazy Fish and check out their sushi rolls. $3 for 4 rolls with salmon, cream cheese, sauce, bell pepper and capers. Mmm! Worth it. 
Next I stood in line for a Korean something or other, but the sun got to me and I bailed before long. I also tried waiting for a kebap from Selim's Doner Kebap House but after three minutes, I could tell the line was not going to be moving. 

So we opted to finish off the afternoon with a Baja Fish Taco - jicama and pickled slaw! - from The Taco Shack. $6 for two, tasty but the fish could have been more crispy. 
Hubster wanted to get the tacos from the Tin Star truck, but since I eat there almost every Monday and get $2 tacos, I wasn't about to pay an extra buck.

So all told, we spent $60.50 for three hours of entertainment and full bellies. If you go (and you have only one more day to go) I would recommend going at dinner time and starting light with the food trucks, then working your way back into the main area for sliders and turkey legs. 

Honestly though? The food is actually better at The Texas State Fair. 

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