Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tiny Bubbles... And Nekkid Bums... Make Me Happy... And I Have Lotsa Fun

I've been wanting to go see "Magic Mike" for a little while, so I talked Trish the Dish and Adame to go with me on a three-way date. 

Adame demanded we get alcohol so we could be nice and silly in the theater (especially as one of two guys in there, he needed the drink) and it didn't take much to convince Trish. She brought her superdooper movie purse that can hold a pocketbook, umbrella, ham radio and a small elephant.

Off we went to Central Market to load up on supplies before hitting Cinemark. I went to the wine/beer section and starting looking around for something portable. The friendly wine guy came over and asked if I needed help... Why yes sir, I do!

Explaining the situation, he brought me over to a display of Sofia Sparkling Wines.
Available in a handy pink box for travel, it includes four 187 milliliter cans... with bendy straws included! I don't think this is what Sofia Sparkling Wines had in mind for word-of-mouth marketing... but it worked!

It's as if Sofia Coppola understands the need for a wino on the go!

Obvs from the above picture, I bought it (I think it was around $15). We got to the theater a little early and decided to have a pre-movie party.
What you can't see here is that there are cut out "bubbles" along the side that make perfect hand-holds for the drink. Think "Bowling Ball" full of sparkling wine goodness.
Cute little can, Looks like a mini coke. See the bendy straw attached to the side? 
You can see T's ear in the picture. I'd like to note that we were parked and not driving.  
All there is left to do is try it out. 
Pre-bendy straw bend. I took a sip. 
Mmm. Tasty!
Not Perrier Jouet tasty, but not that bad. Better than Andre for sure. And portable!

It was a fun night. The movie was good, surprising development of character. 
Well that, and nekkid bums.

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