Monday, July 16, 2012

A Bunch of Animals

We started off with a dog named Coax. Dad named him, I think he was a terrier mutt. Don't remember him very well.

Then Ky and I each got rabbits. Mine was a dwarf white named Skipper. His was a grey French lop named Thumper. Let's just say that Thumper thumped my bunny and killed her. I came out to the hutch one day to find her dead with little bunny feet poking out of her hoohaa. Thumper died of heat stroke while we were on vacation. That's the story at least.

We got parakeets the next year, and I let the caged birds sing ... Off to their death, most likely.

Then a hamster I called Whopper who was let free in the avocado orchard. Ky had a number of snakes, one that got loose in the house and wrapped around a TV to keep warm.

Crystal and Samantha were our first dogs. Both of which my mom had to put down while we were in college.

And now? We each have our furry boopins. Flash Jordan, the peekapoo fluff ball that yips but loves my brother with its little fuzzy feet. And us with the four pugs: Mooch, Rugen, Odin and Nadia.

Oh, we had fish at one point too. I think the angelfish ate their babies.

That's a lot of pets.

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