Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SYTYCD Top 16 Perform, Season 10

The past seven days have been pretty intense. I'm not really up to blogging this and it's the Hubster's birthday. But we need a distraction and it's going to take a while for dinner to be ready... so let's go ahead and get on with it. 

Opening number
The New World by The Irrepressionals (sp?)
Stacey Tookey and Sam Chu routine (I may not have gotten the second choreographer's name right.)

In danger... Curtis, Jenna, Mariah, Alan, MacKenzie, BluPrint.
Jenna looks rather confident though when she stepped forward. Now she's shocked. But she doesn't have to dance for her life, I don't know if that is a good thing or not. 

Alexis and Nico
Tony & Melanie choreographers (oh lookie lookie, the crazy red head is back!)
Mayhem by Imelda May
He's super bouncey. She could use some help. First lift wasn't good, but the second was better. Their timing is just off in places. It's a really hard dance. But they clearly look like amateurs. It's unfortunate. They really lost their steam. 

Jenna and Tucker
Travis Wall
Hangin by a Thread by Jean Arden
Must be hard to work with ropes. A couple of obvious hiccups. It was pretty. Jenna isn't going home tonight I don't think. 

Mariah and BluPrint
Hip Hop (nope, I guess it's Jazz)
Brian Freedman
Fall Into the Sky by Zedd and Lucky Date (feat. Ellie Goulding)
She's a Greek goddess? Um, okay. I can guess BluPrint as a gladiator. It was fun. Hard but good. I'm not very eloquent tonight. The costumes are awesome though! Good music too. 

Maleace and Alan
Hip Hop
David Allen
Bass Line by Chris Brown
Aliens come back to reinvent hip hop. They really utilized her hips in this one. It was a slower hip hop than I expected. But you couldn't take your eyes off her. Alan's pants were ... wrong. Just, wrong. He's not a hip hopper at all. Ballroom does not translate. 

Haley and Curtis
Dee Casperee
Don't Let Go Yet by David J Roch
There's a ladder for a prop. My favorite for the night. When music and choreography and the right dancers come together, it's wonderful. Dee is in the audience with teary eyes. 

Next up... Hobo Jazz?

Amy and Fik-shun
Tyce Diorio
Under the Bridge from the Triplets of Belleville soundtrack
That was cute. Great use of each dancers talents. Great faces and attitude. Nothing bad to say. I want Amy's hat. I think I could wear that chapeau. 

MacKenzie and Paul
Hip Hop
Dave Scott
Pretty Lil' Heart by Robin Thicke feat. Lil' Wayne
1930s model and a photographer. I'm telling you again, for the third time, these choreographers are obsessed with the 30s and Gatsby. I was enthralled with the costume she was wearing. The routine was great, nothing bad to say here. It's funny that tonight you can tell the great numbers from the good ones. This was good... not great, but good. (Though I think I will be buying the song on iTunes. There are a few Robin Thicke songs that I have heard on KXT that I like.)

On a side note, I HAVE to hear the new Right Said Fred song "I'm too Smurfy". That might cheer up the Hubster. Maybe I can make it my morning wake-up song. 

Jasmine and Aaron
Quickstep (the kiss of death!)
Tony and Melanie
Pencil Full of Lead by Paolo Nutini
They make a striking couple. And did a great job! Hubster wishes they danced to "Zoot Suit Riot". God Mary Murphy's voice is SO annoying. She can't possibly be married. Maybe tonight the quickstep will get enough votes to squash the "kiss of death" reputation.  We shall see... they better not get Viennese Waltz next week.

Okay, to sum up. Nothing horrible. A couple of greats and the rest were good. Rather boring week actually. Lets's see who gets booted.

BluPrint and Mariah. Hubster called it with Mariah after he saw her initial dance. BluPrint is trying to hold it together. So with one fell swoop, one couple is gone.

And that's all I got. Time for boom beddies. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Music Monday - Supersoaker by Kings of Leon

Heard this one on the way to work; upcoming release by Kings of Leon.

Friday, July 19, 2013

That's not what I meant...

From: G
Sent: Friday, July 19, 2013 8:28 AM
To: ... work peeps
Subject: BOOK FAIRY !!!

The Book Fairy brought an interesting selection of soft and hard cover books.   Most are action/spa suspense stuff. Bond… James Bond. (Sorry, no great literature this time.)

Come on up to Marketing and hang out on our couches. Peruse the selection. Take what you want… they’re free!


Later I realized what i had typed....

Action/spa suspense… it’s a whole new category. 
The masseuse did it with the loofah in the bubble bath.

Action/SPY suspense

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ad-hoc Music Monday - Smile by Tempo Bledsoe

Well that was... something.
Thanks Adame.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Music Monday - Viewer's Choice

Depending on what kind of mood you are in when it rains, either of these selection might be appropriate. 

 Massive Attack from 1995; while this is an instrumental track, the whole album "Protection" is worth purchasing. Absolutely perfect for a lovely stormy day.

But if you'd rather have something upbeat to start your week off with a little swagger in your step, check out Robin Thicke with Blurred Lines.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Halloween 2013 Chronicles - Perfect Preppers

It's right around the corner... HALLOWEEN!

Hubster and I were quite busy this weekend with our prep; within two hours and four stores we were able to procure all the items (save three) that we need for the party. Here's an x-ray filtered view of the collection.

At this point, we need to finalize the character backgrounds which will likely be completed this afternoon. It is rainy and dreary outside, which happens to be perfect for the theme and we can get in the mood.  Might even have a mini fire if we can get some thunder and lightening.

If that gets done, we can have everything ready to print and put together for the invitations. Those should go out in the next week.

So far, I've hinted that the theme involves the work of Tim Curry.  No one has guessed correctly, though Devo's idea of Rocky Horror Picture Show was smart. (Maybe we'll use that next year.) The only thing that made it better was Rhett's FB posting about Tim Curry's best role was actually in Loaded Weapon 1.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

SYTYCD Top 17 Perform - Season 10

Well hello there my three readers!* Time for another live blogging of So You Think You Can Dance, Season 10. Hubster is joining me in the entertainment room this evening instead of killing Zombies on the XBOX. Let's begin, shall we?

Opener - Top 18
Pretty Face (Nathan Lanier Remix) by Soley
Sonja Tayeh and Christopher Scott routine
Wow. Great routine, slightly ballet-esque. Very pretty. The audience was enjoying each leap into the pyre. Quite symbolic. Good costumes. No one stood out, but that is the point, they all look great together. I enjoyed the leg extensions and not quite knowing where to focus my eyes.

Jade is out of the competition due to the need for surgery. And this week's cuts won't happen until the very end of the show (which is how it SHOULD be... geez.) And the guest host is Paula Abdul? Are you freaking kidding me? Hubster points out her beverage and we both reckon she is already drunk.

Who's in Danger?
Jasmine M, BluPrint, Jenna, Curtis, Alexis and Jade.
With Jade out, there's no need to send a guy home. All three girls will dance and one will be booted.
Please don't cut Alexis! We need a tapper to make it to the final 10!
Jasmine M is a lot of floor movement and turns, but I wasn't too impressed.
Jenna looks like a dancing gazelle mated with Princess Kate. And that's a compliment.

Amy and Fik-Shun 
Paso Doble
Jean-Marc routine
Tactical Dominance by Jack Trammel
A fight to the death! I couldn't take my eyes of Amy. Awesome costumes, the black leather rocked. As Mary Murphy provides commentary, Hubs shoots an imaginary gun at her face to shut her up. Some of those leaps were astounding. That was the least boring paso doble I've seen on the show. "Hate is a ssshtrong feeling." Oh shuddup Paula Abdul *hiccup* no one wants to hear your slurry mess.

Ooo. There's a SYTYCD app! I gotta get that.

Jasmine H and Aaron
Spencer Liff routine
They Just Keep Moving The Line (SMASH Cast version) feat. Megan Hilty
Crime scene investigation + SMASH soundtrack? Color me IN!
Was that a quadruple pirouette? OMG I heart Aaron and Jasmine H. They are PHENOM! This was vastly entertaining and ridiculously fun for a Broadway routine. I wish that they hadn't spoiled the "dead" aspect and had her finish by lying on the marked out corpse line as a final reveal. They definitely acted the characters. If these are the first two routines, I hope the rest are able to at least match this entertainment.

MacKenzie and Paul
Lindsay Paulina routine
No Day But Today by Idina Menzel
She's got a terminal disease and he can't deal with it. Paula Abdul talks about Make a Wish, but turns it into herself in promotion. If you didn't have the backstory, then it would just be a pretty routine. It was lovely. But I wonder if the choreographers are trying to insert a story into the dance just to get votes? Perhaps I'm being cynical. It was lovely, but nothing that I would want to re-watch numerous times. Some of the lifts were quite brilliant.

At this point the Hubster leaves the entertainment room to go take a nap. I don't know that this bodes well for the rest of the show.

Jasmine M and Alan
Sean Cheesman routine
Veins by Charlotte Martin (this is a popular song on SYTYCD. I swear we've seen other routines to this number, but I am likely wrong. They cannot reuse songs, right?)
Royalty? Go with it. Her skirt keeps getting in the way but she deals with it well. This was fun and different. I am impressed with Alan's strength. Jasmine M was fantastic to watch, but she did a weird skirt thing at one point that felt off character, but maybe that was the choreography. Enjoyable. SO far there hasn't been a bad routine.

Jenna and Tucker
Hip Hop
Keoni and Mari Madrid (sp?)
Dangerous (immortal version) by Michael Jackson
It is so uncomfortable to watch two white people who don't do hip hop try to do hip hop. Even the song is old. I am not a fan of the routine. I don't understand the costumes or Jenna's hair plan. It was... confusing. The judges are being nice. Paula calls it a "hipster kind of jazz" which is an insult to hipsters and jazz aficionados everywhere. Now I'm just being a little harsh... but it isn't a routine I will remember. The fact that it was a Nigel favorite makes me even more uncomfortable. I want to see Tucker highlighted next week.

Malece (minus Jade who had to withdraw) so we have All-Star Marco!
Sonya Tayeh
In the Embers by Sleeping At Last
Was it a funeral? Candles and the black lace. Maybe it was the recent wedding for Avril Lavine and Chad Kroger? Wow. Malece is going to be an All-Star herself. This was absolutely lovely. The leg extensions and lifts were incredible. Poor Jade. He is sooooo shooting himself in his bad leg right now. The judges are singing Malece and Sonya's praises. She is completely safe. The waves at the end were powerful. Great job! Normally the routines in the middle are less good (see Hip Hop routine above) but this was fantastic.

Haley and Curtis
Samba - oh this won't go well
Jean-Marc D
Straight to Memphis by Club des Belugas
Her hips don't lie... in fact, Haley's hips are non-existent. (Sorry Paula, but you are wrong.) Either the music was too slow or they just couldn't get it together. It was like watching Samba Hour for the novices. It wasn't good. It wasn't horrible. It just wasn't entertaining. Silver Linings Playbook had a better routine. The samba is the kiss of death; right behind the waltz. Sorry Jean-Marc... what happened to your Run Lola Run red-haired accomplice this season? I have a feeling one or both of these two dancers will be in the bottom three next week.

Alexis and Nico
Spencer Liff routine
I Put a Spell On You by Nina Simone
Nico was on point, Alexis was slightly behind on her steps. But I heart her and want her to proceed. It was an interesting idea of being under control by a hypnotist. I think that these choreographers have been reading The Night Circus and coming up with ideas. You're about a year too late folks! All the judges mention is wondering why she is in the bottom three; which means she will likely make it. Nico has the teenage girl vote.

Mariah and BluPrint
Hip Hop
Luther Brown routine
Bring the Noise by M.I.A
They made it sound so epic, but it fell flat. They weren't synched together during parts of the routine. I'm not saying I could do it, cause I know for DANG sure I can't. But it wasn't anything tremendous. And BluPrint lifting his shirt reminded me of Combs from the Navy who used to do that and it's so dumb. Maybe I have to watch it again because apparently I'm not agreeing with the judges. Paula has been drinking ... she thinks they were in sync at the beginning. Though, her comment that BluPrint was holding back is correct. BluPrint looks pissed at the judges when they say he needs to bring out his personality.

Now... which girl is going home? I'm going to go out on a limb and say Jenna.

Nope. I'm wrong. Must be Jasmine.

Yup, it's Jasmine. Alexis continues on but gets the note that she needs to LISTEN to the choreographers.

See you next Tuesday folks!!!

*And hello to all those who found this blog on a search engine. Somehow I have over 70+ readers on a Wednesday. I don't know who you are, but you are welcome to comment. Or not. Be a lurker. That's cool. Whatevs.

New Series: If Pugs Had Thumbs


Odie is the one eating... Rugen is on the left.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SYTYCD - Top 20, two are leaving

Glo called at 6:55pm and we gossiped about the winery... I missed the first part of the show. By the time I joined, Carlos and Brittany were voted out and leaving. Why didn't I have this set to DVR?

Wow! So I suppose that is the format now? The bottom four perform for their lives and then BAM! They are told to pack their bags and go. Hubster noted that Jade the Animator is basically a mime. Couldn't disagree with him.

Hayley and Curtis
Ray Leeper choreography
Mama Knows Best by Jessie J
Showed off Hayley and her booty. Curtis seemed to get more confident as the routine progressed, especially with the final booty grab. Hubs says that Mary Murphy is an irritating version of Aunt Linda from SNL. "The only Happy Feet were MINE as I was walking outta the theater! I give this a 'Whaaaa?'"

Jasmine H and Aaron
Lyrical Hip Hop
Tears Always Win by Alicia Keys
Hubs thinks Jasmine is too clumsy with her body, not as fluid as she could be. I think she was spot on with the steps, but see his point since Aaron was very good coming across with the character. I enjoyed the routine and liked them as a pairing. Lots of challenging steps and tricks. They should be safe.

Oh, and I love Kat's hair.

Jade and Malece
Nakul dev Mahajan choreography
Radha by Student of the Year soundtrack
Echhh. The end was choppy and there were spots that needed help. Bollywood is really tough. You really need to have a certain something in your movements. It was almost too tough a routine for them. Commentary on the costumes? She is gorgeous sparkly pixie and he could sub in for Dance Raj   on Big Bang.

Alexis and Nico
Stacey Tookey choreography
Old Skin by Olafur Arnalds & Arnor Dan
Sequel to going to war, now she is coming home. The truth is, when your spouse comes home, you RUN when you see your love. I know, because i was that spouse in 2003. You go so long without touching that just a hug and a kiss is weird... Great but weird and awkward and wonderful. So you are standing there in each others arms, grinning foolishly and feeling a little shy. But it's the best feeling in the world. Your love is home.
Soooo, that said, I love the song. I loved the dance. But it doesn't quite ring true for me. It needed that joy and shyness and awesome all rolled into one. These two were great, but I personally don't feel they expressed the sentiment through the characters authentically. But they are safe.

Brittany (voted off) and BluPrint
Spencer Liff choreography
It's Oh So Quiet by not Bjork.... Ice Princess soundtrack
Did BluPrint's shirt say "My life is your vagina"??? No. it was "My Life vs. Your Vacation". Wow. I got that way wrong! I wonder if I would have watched him as closely if Brittany wasn't voted off. This was fun. This guy is an animator and did a great job. I think the judges are being a little bit harsh, but agree that BluPrint needed to sell it a bit more.

Jasmine M and ALan
Miriam and Leonardo choreography
Escape from Slavery by PP Music
She doesn't look comfy in heels, like she can't dance well in them. He was great with the exception of the strength in the lifts. He really, really needs to address the length of his pompadour. I didn't feel the passion the way Mary Murphy did. I'm not saying it's not a tough dance, it is! Although, I enjoyed the faces Christina Applegate is making when Mary speaks. Classic. Alan looks like Derek Zoolander, even down to the sucked in cheeks.

Paul and MacKensie
Sean Cheesman
??? not quite sure, didn't catch it
Mannequin by Skeet & Tito (remix)
Pre-dance, Hubster says "What are they going to do? Put him in a lab coat and her in a sexy robot outfit?" And BINGO was his name-oh. She's his Sex Robot, Sex Robot.  Very Weird Science. IT was a great song, great choreography. Wonderful dancing. Paul was fantastic with the flips. MacKensie had great emotion and movement. Did you see that foot flex?

Mariah and Carlos (going home)
Stacey Tookey choreography
Dead in the Water by Ellie Goulding
That was lovely, but how did it relate to a guy losing his memory? I didn't see that come across in the dance at all? I'm still not feeling a huge oomph that I have in previous years. When Christina talks about them walking forward, I'm confused. Did I watch the same routine? Are they paying for Stacey Tookey to get an Emmy? Where is this season's bench routine or hummingbird? Don't get me wrong, I heart Stacey. But I'm not getting the emotiveness that everyone else is feeling. Apparently me and the Hubs are heartless.

Amy and Fikshun
NappyTabs choreography
Hip Hop
After Party by Dorrough Music
That was fun! Both were fantastic and silly. Great faces. Awesome moves. I thought the idea was rather... odd... but it worked! She was MUCH better than I expected. They are like bitty fun dancers; she looks a little like Katie Holmes. No? They're safe.

Jenna and Tucker
Cha Cha
Dmitry Chaplin
I Like It Like That by Pete Rodriguez (omg. really? srlsy? I hate this song.)
At least it was a remix. Not sure why they chose this for the finale. She did great. Hubs shot an imaginary gun at Mary on the tv while she gave feedback, then blew away the smoke. It was entertaining. Jenna's walk off was not timed with the steps. Why are the judges being so nice tonight? Nigel calls it when he says here isn't enough Cha Cha... but that's the kiss of death on the death, do a classic ballroom dance style and you get voted off.

That's all from Lake Wobegone. Thoughts?