Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SYTYCD Top 16 Perform, Season 10

The past seven days have been pretty intense. I'm not really up to blogging this and it's the Hubster's birthday. But we need a distraction and it's going to take a while for dinner to be ready... so let's go ahead and get on with it. 

Opening number
The New World by The Irrepressionals (sp?)
Stacey Tookey and Sam Chu routine (I may not have gotten the second choreographer's name right.)

In danger... Curtis, Jenna, Mariah, Alan, MacKenzie, BluPrint.
Jenna looks rather confident though when she stepped forward. Now she's shocked. But she doesn't have to dance for her life, I don't know if that is a good thing or not. 

Alexis and Nico
Tony & Melanie choreographers (oh lookie lookie, the crazy red head is back!)
Mayhem by Imelda May
He's super bouncey. She could use some help. First lift wasn't good, but the second was better. Their timing is just off in places. It's a really hard dance. But they clearly look like amateurs. It's unfortunate. They really lost their steam. 

Jenna and Tucker
Travis Wall
Hangin by a Thread by Jean Arden
Must be hard to work with ropes. A couple of obvious hiccups. It was pretty. Jenna isn't going home tonight I don't think. 

Mariah and BluPrint
Hip Hop (nope, I guess it's Jazz)
Brian Freedman
Fall Into the Sky by Zedd and Lucky Date (feat. Ellie Goulding)
She's a Greek goddess? Um, okay. I can guess BluPrint as a gladiator. It was fun. Hard but good. I'm not very eloquent tonight. The costumes are awesome though! Good music too. 

Maleace and Alan
Hip Hop
David Allen
Bass Line by Chris Brown
Aliens come back to reinvent hip hop. They really utilized her hips in this one. It was a slower hip hop than I expected. But you couldn't take your eyes off her. Alan's pants were ... wrong. Just, wrong. He's not a hip hopper at all. Ballroom does not translate. 

Haley and Curtis
Dee Casperee
Don't Let Go Yet by David J Roch
There's a ladder for a prop. My favorite for the night. When music and choreography and the right dancers come together, it's wonderful. Dee is in the audience with teary eyes. 

Next up... Hobo Jazz?

Amy and Fik-shun
Tyce Diorio
Under the Bridge from the Triplets of Belleville soundtrack
That was cute. Great use of each dancers talents. Great faces and attitude. Nothing bad to say. I want Amy's hat. I think I could wear that chapeau. 

MacKenzie and Paul
Hip Hop
Dave Scott
Pretty Lil' Heart by Robin Thicke feat. Lil' Wayne
1930s model and a photographer. I'm telling you again, for the third time, these choreographers are obsessed with the 30s and Gatsby. I was enthralled with the costume she was wearing. The routine was great, nothing bad to say here. It's funny that tonight you can tell the great numbers from the good ones. This was good... not great, but good. (Though I think I will be buying the song on iTunes. There are a few Robin Thicke songs that I have heard on KXT that I like.)

On a side note, I HAVE to hear the new Right Said Fred song "I'm too Smurfy". That might cheer up the Hubster. Maybe I can make it my morning wake-up song. 

Jasmine and Aaron
Quickstep (the kiss of death!)
Tony and Melanie
Pencil Full of Lead by Paolo Nutini
They make a striking couple. And did a great job! Hubster wishes they danced to "Zoot Suit Riot". God Mary Murphy's voice is SO annoying. She can't possibly be married. Maybe tonight the quickstep will get enough votes to squash the "kiss of death" reputation.  We shall see... they better not get Viennese Waltz next week.

Okay, to sum up. Nothing horrible. A couple of greats and the rest were good. Rather boring week actually. Lets's see who gets booted.

BluPrint and Mariah. Hubster called it with Mariah after he saw her initial dance. BluPrint is trying to hold it together. So with one fell swoop, one couple is gone.

And that's all I got. Time for boom beddies. 

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