Sunday, July 14, 2013

Halloween 2013 Chronicles - Perfect Preppers

It's right around the corner... HALLOWEEN!

Hubster and I were quite busy this weekend with our prep; within two hours and four stores we were able to procure all the items (save three) that we need for the party. Here's an x-ray filtered view of the collection.

At this point, we need to finalize the character backgrounds which will likely be completed this afternoon. It is rainy and dreary outside, which happens to be perfect for the theme and we can get in the mood.  Might even have a mini fire if we can get some thunder and lightening.

If that gets done, we can have everything ready to print and put together for the invitations. Those should go out in the next week.

So far, I've hinted that the theme involves the work of Tim Curry.  No one has guessed correctly, though Devo's idea of Rocky Horror Picture Show was smart. (Maybe we'll use that next year.) The only thing that made it better was Rhett's FB posting about Tim Curry's best role was actually in Loaded Weapon 1.

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