Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SYTYCD - Top 20, two are leaving

Glo called at 6:55pm and we gossiped about the winery... I missed the first part of the show. By the time I joined, Carlos and Brittany were voted out and leaving. Why didn't I have this set to DVR?

Wow! So I suppose that is the format now? The bottom four perform for their lives and then BAM! They are told to pack their bags and go. Hubster noted that Jade the Animator is basically a mime. Couldn't disagree with him.

Hayley and Curtis
Ray Leeper choreography
Mama Knows Best by Jessie J
Showed off Hayley and her booty. Curtis seemed to get more confident as the routine progressed, especially with the final booty grab. Hubs says that Mary Murphy is an irritating version of Aunt Linda from SNL. "The only Happy Feet were MINE as I was walking outta the theater! I give this a 'Whaaaa?'"

Jasmine H and Aaron
Lyrical Hip Hop
Tears Always Win by Alicia Keys
Hubs thinks Jasmine is too clumsy with her body, not as fluid as she could be. I think she was spot on with the steps, but see his point since Aaron was very good coming across with the character. I enjoyed the routine and liked them as a pairing. Lots of challenging steps and tricks. They should be safe.

Oh, and I love Kat's hair.

Jade and Malece
Nakul dev Mahajan choreography
Radha by Student of the Year soundtrack
Echhh. The end was choppy and there were spots that needed help. Bollywood is really tough. You really need to have a certain something in your movements. It was almost too tough a routine for them. Commentary on the costumes? She is gorgeous sparkly pixie and he could sub in for Dance Raj   on Big Bang.

Alexis and Nico
Stacey Tookey choreography
Old Skin by Olafur Arnalds & Arnor Dan
Sequel to going to war, now she is coming home. The truth is, when your spouse comes home, you RUN when you see your love. I know, because i was that spouse in 2003. You go so long without touching that just a hug and a kiss is weird... Great but weird and awkward and wonderful. So you are standing there in each others arms, grinning foolishly and feeling a little shy. But it's the best feeling in the world. Your love is home.
Soooo, that said, I love the song. I loved the dance. But it doesn't quite ring true for me. It needed that joy and shyness and awesome all rolled into one. These two were great, but I personally don't feel they expressed the sentiment through the characters authentically. But they are safe.

Brittany (voted off) and BluPrint
Spencer Liff choreography
It's Oh So Quiet by not Bjork.... Ice Princess soundtrack
Did BluPrint's shirt say "My life is your vagina"??? No. it was "My Life vs. Your Vacation". Wow. I got that way wrong! I wonder if I would have watched him as closely if Brittany wasn't voted off. This was fun. This guy is an animator and did a great job. I think the judges are being a little bit harsh, but agree that BluPrint needed to sell it a bit more.

Jasmine M and ALan
Miriam and Leonardo choreography
Escape from Slavery by PP Music
She doesn't look comfy in heels, like she can't dance well in them. He was great with the exception of the strength in the lifts. He really, really needs to address the length of his pompadour. I didn't feel the passion the way Mary Murphy did. I'm not saying it's not a tough dance, it is! Although, I enjoyed the faces Christina Applegate is making when Mary speaks. Classic. Alan looks like Derek Zoolander, even down to the sucked in cheeks.

Paul and MacKensie
Sean Cheesman
??? not quite sure, didn't catch it
Mannequin by Skeet & Tito (remix)
Pre-dance, Hubster says "What are they going to do? Put him in a lab coat and her in a sexy robot outfit?" And BINGO was his name-oh. She's his Sex Robot, Sex Robot.  Very Weird Science. IT was a great song, great choreography. Wonderful dancing. Paul was fantastic with the flips. MacKensie had great emotion and movement. Did you see that foot flex?

Mariah and Carlos (going home)
Stacey Tookey choreography
Dead in the Water by Ellie Goulding
That was lovely, but how did it relate to a guy losing his memory? I didn't see that come across in the dance at all? I'm still not feeling a huge oomph that I have in previous years. When Christina talks about them walking forward, I'm confused. Did I watch the same routine? Are they paying for Stacey Tookey to get an Emmy? Where is this season's bench routine or hummingbird? Don't get me wrong, I heart Stacey. But I'm not getting the emotiveness that everyone else is feeling. Apparently me and the Hubs are heartless.

Amy and Fikshun
NappyTabs choreography
Hip Hop
After Party by Dorrough Music
That was fun! Both were fantastic and silly. Great faces. Awesome moves. I thought the idea was rather... odd... but it worked! She was MUCH better than I expected. They are like bitty fun dancers; she looks a little like Katie Holmes. No? They're safe.

Jenna and Tucker
Cha Cha
Dmitry Chaplin
I Like It Like That by Pete Rodriguez (omg. really? srlsy? I hate this song.)
At least it was a remix. Not sure why they chose this for the finale. She did great. Hubs shot an imaginary gun at Mary on the tv while she gave feedback, then blew away the smoke. It was entertaining. Jenna's walk off was not timed with the steps. Why are the judges being so nice tonight? Nigel calls it when he says here isn't enough Cha Cha... but that's the kiss of death on the death, do a classic ballroom dance style and you get voted off.

That's all from Lake Wobegone. Thoughts?

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