Saturday, May 18, 2013

Real Eck Abode Convo, Part 901

I walk into our kitchen with a bunch of delicious cupcakes leftover from a work anniversary. They are each individually frosted either red, blue or white. Hubster leaps over the couch running into the kitchen to start feasting on the sugary-goodness.

Hubs: I need one of each please.
Me: Why? They all taste the same. 
Hubs: No, no, no (shaking his head sadly, as if I was an imbecile) The frosting makes them taste different. 
Me: The frosting is the same on each, it's just the dye that makes them different.
Hubs: I disagree, the frosting can make one cupcake taste exceptionally different from another. (Points to the half empty box) See! All the white ones are almost gone! Those must taste the best.
Me: (Dramatic sigh) If, and I mean IF, the cupcakes tasted different, you wouldn't know until you took a cupcake and ate it. 
Hubs: Which is why I need one of each! (He grabs three cupcakes and walks back into the living room where all the boopins are staring at the cupcakes with drooling mouths. I follow him and sit on the sofa.)
Me: Maybe people picked white because they didn't want blue poops?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Music Monday - Something and Nothing New

Just because you are an Inquisitor with limitless authority does not mean that the planet's defences will KNOW that you are an inquisitor with limitless authority. After applying for landing clearance, the documents would have to be countersigned in triplicate and authenticated before being passed on to a reprographics officer who would in turn make several copies, each of which would be taken to the defensive batteries, where they would be examined by the commanding officer, and a read-reciept is sent back to general HQ, which is in turn countersigned in triplicate and filed in the proper and timely manner before the Inquisitor is told: "Yep. Safe for you to land now."

On that note, here we have Of Monsters and Men with "Mountain Sound"

Monday, May 6, 2013

Music Monday - insert Song Here

My three readers, I would post a song here for your (possible) enjoyment yet I did not find inspiration for the theme of the week.

Please feel free to make a suggestion and I will happily update this post. Or not.  Your call.