Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tie Tuesday - Win and a Fail

Adame. WIN! I mean, just check out that guitar!

G. Fail. This is the 2nd time I've forgotten Tie Tuesday.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Music Monday - Fever Ray's "Seven"

This is a remix of the original, The Twelves Remix. A gift from Adame, I think. No idea how I found this song. But it's booty-tastic. I dare you to listen to it and not shake booty. You just can't do it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

When Duckie Met Leo

I heard through the grapevine that Doug may have had a rough day this week. Thought it might be time to brighten his day with a communicae from his pal Duckie. At some point, I'm going to return the duck to his desk, but not quite yet.

Dear Doug,

I made a new friend on the road. His name is Leo. He’s funny and a bit flashy, but still pretty cool. And he makes an amazing strawberry shortcake.

Normally, I would worry about the whole “He’s going to eat me” thing, but I feel pretty confident that Leo’s not that kind of guy.

Hope you’re doing well, Doug. You could always write me a note and see if it can get delivered to me while I’m still touring the country. Otherwise, I’ll try to get back to your cube soon for a visit.

Yours, Duckie

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tie Tuesday : Dark and Twisty

Adame was "home sick"* Boo. Gigantor punked out. Dimples McGee is off in Hawaii getting his engagement on. NamNamNams didn't participate (nor his Nam nips.) Hello Bruce did play in the Tie Tuesday field - was wearing the same black tie, but under a lovely sweater vest - I just didn't get him up here in time for the photo. No idea about The Beast, he may or may not be wearing a tie. Adame is the one who usually puts these photo ops together, so I was out of my element.

All that said, we had to use Utah's phone to snap a picture and it came out rather devilish, which is rather exciting since Utah is a Mormon. He's wearing a Nuovo Moda purple number (was quite dashing) and I'm in a green/blue/yellow Louis of Boston. I say the colors specifically again because it looks like this was taken underwater, at night, without a moon, and filtered by a snorkel mask.

Boo yah.

*"Home sick" is about the equivalent of "waiting for the cable guy" or "doctor's appointment". It basically means we think you are interviewing for another job.

Duck Duck Goose

It’s gotten even funnier. At this point, Doug is chasing after the mail delivery peeps and demanding answers. (Fortunately, they have great senses of humor and are toying with him.) Here was today’s note…

Dear Doug,
I finally made it off the island. Thought I would come back and visit you, but got a little distracted. Check out the wing span on that guy! I should have migrated by now but that pesky kidnapping got in the way. So what’s my incentive to come back to your desk with all the other toys?

Not sure where we will go from here, but it's still entertaining. Maybe Duckie will meet a celebrity?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Music Monday - Of Monsters and Men

Quirky selection for today's pick.
THEY'RE ICELANDIC! (Boogie woogie woogie woogie.)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The ridiculousness of the “REPLY ALL” email function

Setup: We will be having a Thanksgiving holiday meal for the employees in our corporate office next week. Surprisingly, our Social Committee has been lackadaisical on getting the protein portion of the meal firmed up.

20 minutes of the meeting was going back and forth about the reason we weren’t having Honey Baked Ham THIS year, but we are going to have it NEXT year, because some people will only eat ham if it’s Honey Baked Ham; but the ham that we CAN get (which isn’t Honey Baked Ham) is going to be cold and “is it alright to serve cold ham? I like to eat my ham hot” - but as far as I was concerned, it’s a moot point, cause I don’t eat freaking ham!

Then, it was positioned that we would just get a few cold turkeys and put sliced deli-style turkey breast out for people to eat because the turkeys give the effect of Thanksgiving but we really cannot afford to get full turkeys for everyone. I asked “why we don’t we just get the turkey breasts from the deli at Tom Thumb that are already cooked and hot?” This apparently started a mini-riot in the board room. Whoopsie Daisy.

At this point, Joe Black interrupted the turkey-talk and got the actual deets from the Head Committee member, who is lovely and fearless but really doesn’t need to be need deep in the gravy of the turkey-travesty. “How much is in our budget for meat? How many do we need to feed?” Getting all the information together on paper, it was then decided that I would contact Tom Thumb and find out. (I love Tom Thumb, they keep kosher.)

Joe Black and I jumped into his new ride, the Dodge Challenger. (Ironic he bought a Challenger. Well, ironic if you know why… I digress.) We gathered the information and I brought back to the Social Committee for their feedback, remembering that the Head Commmittee member specifically asked me to send out the feedback to the entire Social Committee distribution list. It would behoove me to note that there are twenty people on the committee and only 5-7 show up for meetings regularly.

My original email
Joe Black and I ran out to visit Sam’s Club and Tom Thumb. The best course of action is probably thus:
Sam’s $2.99/lb spiral ham. Cold. 65 lbs = $194.35 + tax = @ $210
Tom Thumb. $2.49/lb cooked turkey. HOT! ($15 charge per turkey for hot.) 8 turkeys at 10-12lbs each = @ $320
Total = about $530

And then, of course… because it was a group distribution and everyone had feedback and EVERYONE clicked REPLY ALL… these are all the INDIVIDUAL emails I received, and the rest of the committee received, all because of freaking turkey and ham. I couldn't make up these repsonses if I tried.

  • Awesome! Let's do it.

  • Are the hams going to be cold? Is there a way for us to heat them up or is everyone going to have to heat up individual plates?

  • One option I can think of there is if we each take a few and put them in the oven on warm at our respective houses. Or, we slice them and warm them in the microwaves before all the employees arrive. Or, they stay cold and if an employee wants it warm, they heat it themselves.

  • Or…..maybe we can purchase the turkeys and hams from a place that can heat them before we pick them up. Boston Market might be a good choice

  • In the past, the hams have always been cold and if people want it warm they use the microwaves. Some people do like it cold and its easier for those that want it warm to warm it than for those that may want it cold to chill it!

  • Everybody’s got a bright idea.

  • Since we have no way to keep the Ham’s warm once we are here, I think it is best to microwave them just before serving. Will the Turkey’s be delivered or brought in just before serving?

  • People will be happy with free food – cold or hot. Don’t worry about it. You have warm turkey and cold ham.

  • To be honest, you can never please everyone with everything anyway. Some like ham hot, some cold. Again, they will just love the free food.

  • Besides, all pot luck items will not stay warm since people are bringing things in at 8am.

  • They will be heating other things in the microwave also. Let them decide on their own.

  • It will be wonderful just because it’s Thanksgiving!

  • Sounds good to me.

Smacking head on desk.

Fashion File

To our left we have ever-so-lovely Trish the Dish; modeling a John Paul Richard cape and leather fascinator*, she is ready for both work AND home.

Paying off this heart-shaped pendant. One of my own personal recommendations, is this absolutely stunning, matching necklace and earring set. The earrings measuring just over a centimeter in genuine diamante with two pairs in lapis lazuli, in a lovely mock-gold finish. The exact replica of those worn at Wimbledon by Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent.

* We learned this word after the ridiculousness at the Royal Wedding of Will & Kate, remember?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ducky Goes Wild

The Duck Prank continues.

I had to bring Adame into the fold as he has a smart phone with a camera (and cause he totally rocks!) This week, we took Ducky outside to the volleyball court and plopped him in the sand. Next, we added a little fruity umbrella that I have been saving from a DELICIOUS cupcake Trish the Dish made a little while back. The effect was perfect, I just needed to come up with an idea of why Ducky was no longer kidnapped.

Dear Doug,
I was able to escape from my kidnappers and stow away on a boat! But now I'm on a deserted island and I don't know how to get home. Help me!
Love, Ducky

My spies tell me that Doug was wandering around the third floor looking for anyone who had a zen sand garden on their desk. *smacks head* Looks like we're going to have to find a legitimate place to hide Ducky next week. Right now he's hiding out in my cupboard.

Suggestions welcome.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Music Monday - Manu Dibango

I am so digging this song today, Soul Mankossa by Manu Dibango. Manu is a Camaroonian saxophonist. It would be perfectly used in a movie where people are driving around trying to solve the clues of a murder... that's what I think of when I hear it.

It's perfect for the weather outside (kinda rainy and gloomy) to make you want to boogie dance in your seat to the funky soul beat.

Friday, November 4, 2011

I stole a duck and I liked it

I decided to play a harmless prank on a colleague, Doug. (Have no fear my three readers, am pretty sure he doesn't even know I write this bloggity blog blog. And this is a really harmless prank.)

I happened to be on the 3rd floor and walked by his cube on my way to a meeting. His desk is covered in stuff: legos, toys, monster machines, food, papers... and a duck. The duck was staring at me. It reached out to me with its bitty, black plastic eyes and pleaded for rescue. I didn't know what I would do with it, I just knew I wanted it.

So I liberated the duck. Thought he could come live with me upstairs with my Cowardly Lion Pez dispenser, Ladybug egg timer and rubber Menehune.* He seems happy. I haven't named him, but am learning towards Ducky (a la Pretty in Pink. Which is appropriate because I just heard Otis Redding's 'Try a Little Tenderness' on the radio today.)

So he's in my cube. Rather smuggly happy in his Duckiness. I did send a secret and not-to-be-traced note to Doug about Ducky...

...don't worry though, I won't really hurt him. Now I just need to figure out how to send the next picture showing Ducky on the beach with an umbella, like he got away from his attackers. Thoughts?

*Think of them as the leprechauns of Hawaii. And he's got his butt exposed. It's pretty awesome.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tie Tuesday - Slightly Suggestive

I bought a new pair of red Chuck Taylor's this weekend (shout out to my Famous Footwear Dude who gave me a friends and family discount of 30% off!) As I needed an excuse to wear said shoes, Tie Tuesday provided a perfect opportunity. So thanks Tie Tuesday! I got to wear my sneaks all day long. If only I could make a case for Birkenstocks...

Right-o, let's move on with the show. From left to right!

FAR LEFT: My new buddy from numero tres, THE BEAST! Very handsome Michael Kors number with a cross hatch thingy going on. Looking good Beast, see you next Tuesday.*

SECOND FROM LEFT: Dimples McGee has a jaunty, Geoffrey Beene striped number.

MIDDLE: NamNamNams actually showed up IN A SUIT! What the what? Okay, I was half expecting a Brooks Brothers polo and a bow tie. He didn't just bring it, he brought it! Upped the class in the crew with his Burberry stylings. (Hey NamNamNams... When are you starting that Nam's Noms blog?)

SECOND FROM RIGHT: Adame in a whimsical Tommy Hilfiger. I have a feeling Adame was responsible for the tie draping over NamNamNams. It's been a slightly charged workplace of late. Peeps are pregnant, getting married, having babies... lots of love happening on the 4th Floor. So, it should come as no surprise that Adame wants to fling his tie about onto other men.

RIGHT: Me. Although you cannot see previously mentioned shoes, they match my Hitman-esque Joseph & Feiss tie. Decided to rock the full on double pony tails all the way (all the way) though they turned into braids after a discussion with a former flight attendant downstairs. Now I look less like a Japanese School Girl and more like Pocahontas.

Sadly, Hello Bruce was unable to make an appearance for the picture. I saw him much earlier and he was awesome sauce in the skinny black tie under a sweater-vest. Very hipstery, in a good hipster way. Utah is OOO, probably off drinking caffeine and reading dirty mags... whatever those Mormons do.

*After typing that sentence, I realized that it has an alternate meaning; one in which I am most likely NOT calling The Beast. In fact, it's really more applicable to my gender. But I wouldn't use that word.**

** Okay, I might use that word. But I'd only say it to someone who really was a major c u next tuesday.