Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tie Tuesday : Dark and Twisty

Adame was "home sick"* Boo. Gigantor punked out. Dimples McGee is off in Hawaii getting his engagement on. NamNamNams didn't participate (nor his Nam nips.) Hello Bruce did play in the Tie Tuesday field - was wearing the same black tie, but under a lovely sweater vest - I just didn't get him up here in time for the photo. No idea about The Beast, he may or may not be wearing a tie. Adame is the one who usually puts these photo ops together, so I was out of my element.

All that said, we had to use Utah's phone to snap a picture and it came out rather devilish, which is rather exciting since Utah is a Mormon. He's wearing a Nuovo Moda purple number (was quite dashing) and I'm in a green/blue/yellow Louis of Boston. I say the colors specifically again because it looks like this was taken underwater, at night, without a moon, and filtered by a snorkel mask.

Boo yah.

*"Home sick" is about the equivalent of "waiting for the cable guy" or "doctor's appointment". It basically means we think you are interviewing for another job.

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