Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tie Tuesday - Slightly Suggestive

I bought a new pair of red Chuck Taylor's this weekend (shout out to my Famous Footwear Dude who gave me a friends and family discount of 30% off!) As I needed an excuse to wear said shoes, Tie Tuesday provided a perfect opportunity. So thanks Tie Tuesday! I got to wear my sneaks all day long. If only I could make a case for Birkenstocks...

Right-o, let's move on with the show. From left to right!

FAR LEFT: My new buddy from numero tres, THE BEAST! Very handsome Michael Kors number with a cross hatch thingy going on. Looking good Beast, see you next Tuesday.*

SECOND FROM LEFT: Dimples McGee has a jaunty, Geoffrey Beene striped number.

MIDDLE: NamNamNams actually showed up IN A SUIT! What the what? Okay, I was half expecting a Brooks Brothers polo and a bow tie. He didn't just bring it, he brought it! Upped the class in the crew with his Burberry stylings. (Hey NamNamNams... When are you starting that Nam's Noms blog?)

SECOND FROM RIGHT: Adame in a whimsical Tommy Hilfiger. I have a feeling Adame was responsible for the tie draping over NamNamNams. It's been a slightly charged workplace of late. Peeps are pregnant, getting married, having babies... lots of love happening on the 4th Floor. So, it should come as no surprise that Adame wants to fling his tie about onto other men.

RIGHT: Me. Although you cannot see previously mentioned shoes, they match my Hitman-esque Joseph & Feiss tie. Decided to rock the full on double pony tails all the way (all the way) though they turned into braids after a discussion with a former flight attendant downstairs. Now I look less like a Japanese School Girl and more like Pocahontas.

Sadly, Hello Bruce was unable to make an appearance for the picture. I saw him much earlier and he was awesome sauce in the skinny black tie under a sweater-vest. Very hipstery, in a good hipster way. Utah is OOO, probably off drinking caffeine and reading dirty mags... whatever those Mormons do.

*After typing that sentence, I realized that it has an alternate meaning; one in which I am most likely NOT calling The Beast. In fact, it's really more applicable to my gender. But I wouldn't use that word.**

** Okay, I might use that word. But I'd only say it to someone who really was a major c u next tuesday.

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