Friday, July 13, 2012

Real Eck Abode House Convo #333

Me: Wouldn't it be weird if we were driving down the street and we saw Brad Pitt walking along the road?
Hubs: Yeah it would. What, did his car break down or something?
Me: Sure. Would you pick him up?
Hubs: Nah, I'd let him keep walking.
Me: What if it were Morgan Freeman?
Hubs: Oh, I'd pick him up.
Me: Why? Is it an age thing?
Hubs: Well yeah. I mean, if it were Brad Pitt, I'd just roll down the window and say "It's hot out there ain't it Mister Pitt?" But if it were Morgan Freeman, I'd offer him a ride.
Me: What about Tom Cruise? He's 50.
Hubs: He's healthy and has Scientology on his side. Walkin.
Me: Clint Eastwood?
Hubs: Pick him up.
Me: Jim Carrey?
Hubs: Walkin.
Me: Dustin Hoffman?
Hubs: Pick him up.
Me: Kim Basinger?
Hubs: Oh she's DEFINITELY walkin.
Me: Dolly Parton?
Hubs: Pick her up. She's old as dirt.

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