Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SYTYCD Wrap Up - Top 16

Ooo Kat! Love the 50s glamourpuss hair and red lips.

The Here and After - Jun Miyake (Group Routine)
Black and White Charlie Chaplin slash Hobo number. Though the moostaches are still slightly Hitler-esque. Imjustsayin. (What was that insurance company that uses a red umbrella as their logo? Found it.) Choreography was coolio and song was great. I'm not sure what Tyce Mister Oreos had in mind with this, but good job.

Special Judge Cristina Applegate... whaaaaa? Well, it's not as weird as Zooey Deschanel, but clearly FOX is promoting its shows with star judges who don't dance.
Oh and we learn there is a 2 week break due to the Olympics. Yay Olympics... Boo SYTYCD.

Tiffany and George "Out of My Mind" by B.o.B. feat. Nicki Minaj 
He peed his pants in track. She got a 5.22 GPA in High School
Babysitter routine. Can't take your eyes off Tiffany. Far superior in this routine. Okey dokey NappyTabs!

Judges, specifically Mary Murphy, are annoying. Shut your trap.

Brandon and Amber "Dr. Feelgood" by Aretha Franklin
She's a hairstylist. He was in Step Up.
Southern couple after work. Baby making music. Hot and sexy. All we needed was the "o" onstage. Good job Ray Leper (thanks Nigel for stealing my "baby making" comment.) Sweat is pouring off Brandon's eight pack during judges comments. Magic Mike Much?

Janelle and Dareian "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen
He's a skateboarding dare devil and she writes bad raps.
Ooo Pasha Cha Cha! And it's the song Hubs and I joke over. I just met you. You're probably crazy. Here's my number. Kill me maybe. Didn't your mom ever tell you not to talk to strangers?
Great job. Entertaining. I'm kinda over the critique thing.

Lindsey and Cole "Wild Horses" by Charlotte Martin
He's an actor and she hates feet. Angry Mary Moore routine.
I really hate this song. This version isn't half bad, but I still hate this song. The dancing is great though. Best choreography of the night.

Amelia and Will "You!" by The Creatures
He wants to be in boy band and she carries SPF 100. Jazz with Mandy Moore, opposites attract.
Will executes better, but she's kinda awesome too. Cool routine, but I'm not connecting. Therefore, I won't vote. Nothing hit my heart chord.

Matthew and Audrey "Cinco Salsa" Sverre Indris Joner / HSC / KORK
He likes to golf and she wears a night guard.
Time for a salsa. It's challenging, but it's boring. "Nothing outstanding" says the Hubs... and I agree.

Witney and Chehon "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston
He can play the violin and she cthinks she knows German but clearly does not.
Hubs points out that Chehon has an abnormally long neck and must own a lot of turtlenecks. Choreography is by Stacey Tookey. When the upfront gives a great story, the dance is more complete to the audience. Just saying. Standing O. Connected partners but nothing that makes me want to keep them. I didn't cry. Make me cry and you have my vote.

Eleana and Cyrus "Toxic" by District 78 feat. Cheesa
She killed a bird and his bellybutton is a XBOX power switch.
Hip Hop NappyTabs about a ballerina and a robot.
If they were constantly in strobe light, it would be better. Hubs notes that if there were a crank on the side of the pedestal she stands on, it would be more rad. They should have painted him in silver as a robot.

In danger: Amber, Lindsey, Eliana, George, Brandon and Dareion

Hubs and I agree that Eliana and Dareion need to stay.

Though best performance of the night goes to...
"Jungle Jazz" by Les Tambours du Bronx. Alvin Avion Dance group: The Hunt
Black slaves sold to white merchants? Dance for your life. Sexuality. Life and death? The way the front dancers had their mouths covered at the end makes me want to know more. Want to talk to Joe Black about this tomorrow.

So who is out?
Amber and Brandon.

See ya in two weeks.

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