Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bieber and Being Old

Me: I think I can finally admit that I'm old.

Hubs: Uh, okay. Why is that?

Me: Well, you know there's a song called "Call Me Maybe" that a summer smash hit?

Hubs: No. No I don't.

Me: Well watch this okay? It's the most popular trending song this summer. Apparently it's super popular.

Me: See? That's Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Hubs: Who are they? Wait... Bieber. Is that the guy we call Justin Beaver?

Me: Yes. His fans are Biebsters. Or Biebs. Or Bleebers or something.

Hubs: I can think of five different words that work better than "maybe". Baby. Someday. Shame-y. Tuesday...

Me: Yeah, you can't say Call me next Tuesday.

Hubs: How about here's my number, don't be lazy? You could at least pick up the effing phone. I've done all the work now. And here's my number. So don't be lazy.

Me: We're old you know.

Hubs: Hey!

Me: What?

Hubs: I just heard this. Here's my number. Slutty lady.

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