Friday, June 1, 2012

Overheard at the Office - Q1 2012

  • You put “NO” because you’re not a felon. They don’t need to know the rest of that stuff, Grandma.
  • I’d let Clinton knock me up. That’d be okay.
  • You know if I go to the trouble to get up a tree, I’m going to do more than kiss there.
  • Do it like I do my husband and take a bite of your beans.
  • This was back in high school when everyone thought I was a lesbian.
  • Yeah, but more like a Sales Associate Sandwich.
  • I want a ghost to pinch me on the butt!
  • Trish would be that butt pinching ghost.
  • Onions remind me of armpit. And I won’t eat armpit.
  • It hit horny… I mean FORNEY!
  • What time is your three o’clock?
  • Dude! Come have some beef with Stephanie. MOOOOO.
  • Maybe it all goes back to Pangea when we were all the same continent.  
  • Oh my god Ivanny. CAN YOU EVEN DRIVE??!
  • Well, get em filled and bring em in, I’ll buy em from you.
  • I’m a dark white. You’re a light black.
  • You’ve got poor blood circulation in your extremities. Not all of them. I love the big fat ones.
  • And guys in closets… but not that kind of closet. 
  • It wasn’t a homoerotic barechested model, right?
  • It has only taken me nearly 4 years to throw out ‘boobs’ in a meeting.  
  • I can only handle it in my mouth for so long.
  • I need Clayton to suck my belly.
  • We need pilots in hot pants.
  • Hey, I’m all for moving bits, in the appropriate setting.
  • Then we can say we’ve got Jake Ryan’s stool! 
  • I’d be a lollipop girl for $30.
  • I’m being a feminist here! I don’t believe that we should segregate the sexes! Well, except for the bathrooms.
  • Let me just make sure you get one thing straight missy, I’m a giver!
  • Enrique got the clap from Tom?
  • It’s unanimous. Get us the blue balls.

 Trish is pretty much leading the charge on inappropriate things to say in office at this point.  But Jamie is making up for lost time.

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Anonymous said...

Good times! Thanks for the laughs! LJ