Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

Today my new favorite Barrista, Amy, knew my drink order and my name the moment I got in line. Sa-weet!

I'm watching The Newsroom first episode because my brother said he'd give me 20 bucks if I did. That's a lie. He totally isn't giving me money, but I am watching the show.

Got a shizz load of work done since Sparky was out of the office visiting the Mothership.

Had lunch with my work hubs, Joe Black, today and totes got back into our groove. Until he asked me to do some rewrites and additions to the latest script. Boooo. I'll get to that on Sunday.

Spent an hour with our GP Doctor and found out she's going to reopen practice elsewhere. Shout out Dr. Turner, you're the fraking bomb-diggety.

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