Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Attack of the Killer Iceboxes

(I invited a bunch of people I think are awesome to come brainstorm with my on an upcoming Marketing idea for work. This is the email response I received from an Operation Dude downstairs. He has clearly won the right to be included in all future brainstorming.)

Sorry I wish I had the time, but I simply can’t even get the stuff I should get done now.

Plus my mind is simply taken over by ideas I have of fake PSAs about keeping our office fridges clean.

Or fake movie trailers:

• A romantic drama period piece about an office girl expecting to find a horrible fridge that has been cleaned out and her quest to find who did it.
(G Comment: I would call it "Fridges of Madison County".)

• A Jerry Bruckheimer type movie about the coming catastrophe of an office fridge whose reaching saturation, “no return, tipping point” levels of filth, threatening an entire floor, and the bold few who try to bring an end to the impending doom.
(G Comment: Perhaps "On Frosty Ground" or "Meltdown: This Time It's Personal!".)

• A good old fashioned horror story of a fridge that comes alive after the year long, molded organisms mutate.
(G Comment: Here I think you should just stay classic and go with "MOLD!")

• A fridge with a Liam Neeson accent that systematically hunts down those who spill sweet and sour sauce in its drawer and shelves and doesn’t clean up after it.
(G Comment: Wanted to go with "Gangs of New Pork" but that sounds like an adult flick. Surprisingly, "Schlinder's List" could still work...)

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