Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What I Learned Today (month of November 2010)

• October through December is white truffle season
• A Challenger in the sky is worth two on the ground
• Don’t let Robyn suggest a healthy lunch
• Taylor was a thespian
• Middle buttons are optional
• Always, sometimes, never
• I know what principalities now
• Kevin looks refreshing in a dress
• Rockfish is pretty good
• Hedgehog… not porcupine
• Adame gets grumpy with no smokes
• Solutions are good!!!
• The sign for ‘examine your zipper’
• Flexjet has good board games in the lounge
• This coffee mug is not microwaveable
• Kelvin’s family played backgammon wrong
• Don’t make a plan at 7:30am
• Bob rides motorcycles
• Most popular American sammich is ham
• Lux is latin for ‘light’
• Certain movies should be watched in the ghetto
• Douchey managers can be okay after multiple drinks of wine
• It’s called a ‘memory stick’
• What a ‘gannt chart’ is
• There are some movies you should never watch
• Snobster
• Qadhafi won’t fly more than 8 hours, or over water

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