Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Trish the Dish, Pinterest, Harry Potter geekery and a guy named Bob

(This story involves Trish the Dish, Pinterest, Harry Potter geekery and a guy named Bob.  I’m telling the whole thing but it’s really the end bit that’s funny, but you have to read through the first part to get to the second.) 

Trish the Dish adopted two rescue labs, Landry and Willie, this past weekend.  I was in her cube chatting about how things were going, how the cats are taking it, etc.  She said things were going really well, but she wants to block off the hallway so that the cats (Lucy and Ricky Bobby) can freely roam the bedrooms and the dogs can have the other half of the house.

Then Trish pulled up Pinterest: a website full of ideas and creativity that I will likely never have the inclination to explore fully.  She showed me her concept for a rolling barn door.  It was pretty cool, a nice door that rolls into place set on casters. 

I just have to go to The ReStore at lunch and see if they have something.”

“What’s The ReStore?”

“It’s a 2nd hand place that has all household items and stuff and the money goes to Habitat for Humanity. Like, if you need some wood, you can get wood here.”
“That sounds cool. Can I join you?”

So off we went to The ReStore. The moment we entered the building, my eyes were visually accosted. Chandeliers hung from every available space, lit and twinkling in their awesomeness… no two the same. Piles and mounds of rugs in every color. China and flatware and cups. Microwaves next to mini fridges. Boxes of nails.

“OHMIGOD Trish! It’s like the Room of Requirement!”

“What is a room of requirement?”

I didn’t have a chance to explain. I was swept away down the aisles, calling back,

“Trish, this sure is a whole lot of caulk.”

We wandered around and found the section with all the doors.  After finding the perfect barn door (I’m a lucky charm) she tracked down the guy in charge: Bob.   

Bob was at least 65 with white wispy hair, a big fat belly, suspenders holding up his jeans, and a piece of masking tape on his chest that said “BOB”.  (Bob is apparently the go-to-guy for all things doors.) Trish paid up and Bob put a “sold” sign on her door, with plans to pick it up after work.   

Behind the register was this sign:

I sent it to Tony & Sarah cause it was so randomly hilarious.

On our way back, she asked again about the Room of Requirement and I was able to explain it in the same way Ron had in the book/films, with the toilet analogy.  
So if you needed to potty, there would be a room full of toilets.”

“Well I didn’t have to walk by The ReStore three times for it to appear.”

“No, but you did have to pass by that door three times, I’m just saying. *pause* You know what? It’s really weird to see open fields like that.”


“That field. (I point out the window.) It’s weird because it’s just this open space for, like, growing corn or something. You don’t see open fields those in California. Now when I go home, the mountains freak me out.”

I must have been babbling because the next thing I knew, we were lost and randomly going down streets and making u-turns trying to get on the freeway.  

“Omigod Trish, you’re totally trying to kidnap me!”

“I’m not trying to kidnap you.” (laughing)
Yes you are. You are going to stop and let me off in that field and I’m not going to know how to get home! I'm just going to be standing there feeling stupid” (giggling)
“Well, then you sure would be out-standing in your field!

I looked over at her and lost it. Absolutely lost it. Laughed uncontrollably for a solid minute.

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Trish Farris said...

I'm SO glad this is documented. I love to go back and reread this every so often. The laughter that lunch hour was one for the record books. I mean, crying, make your face & ribs hurt laughter. You said it: best. lunch. ever.