Monday, December 1, 2014

Music Monday - "North Side Gal" by JD McPherson

Aloe Blacc with "Ticking Bomb"

Its a little macabre for a Monday morning, though I do like the song for a certain type of mood. Especially if you're angry and need to let off some steam.

Reuben And The Dark with "Can't See The Light"

While the music is more upbeat, it's also a strikingly sad message. "Love is not a pretty word".

"From Eden" by Hozier

Well, I am now THREE for THREE on messages that are Debbie Downers. What was going on with me and my recent Shazams?

"North Side Gal" by JD McPherson

Now THAT'S the song to start off the week!

And one more, because it's super dope.
"Busy Earnin'" by Jungle

Those dance moves are crazy good - I want to learn the routine!

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