Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Overheard at the Office - September

It's been missing for quite some time, but now IT'S BAAAAACK! Overheard at the Office (the back in San Diego version.)

I really want to go watch Das Boot.
I used the patio to grow succulents for my wedding.
(him) This cup is from Austin. (me) It has a bird on it.  (him) It's from 5 years ago.
(regarding his unicycle) Actually, it's one of the best workouts. 
They are good swimmers apparently. 
We had waffles at our wedding... it was in a warehouse.
We used to go on a lot of photo trips.
Brought in a new mug today. It's the many faces of David Bowie. 
I got some new hot sauce in there, if you wanna check it out. 
(angrily) I guess what I'm trying to say is... IT  DOESN'T BELONG HERE!
No seriously, eat fish if you need to eat fish. 
No Party City Pirate Kid. Older Latina is in. We just need a hoity toity costume. 
I really love chairs.
Do you like Tiki Bars? There's a really good one that just opened. 
My DVD collection has been called 'Pete's Library".
I got into this huge Tom Petty kick over the weekend. 
(me) I kinda want super colorful rainbow stickers. What's her name? Something Frank? (him) Anne Frank?
Benchpress a Hobbit.

Julie has drawn "Dapper Dobby".

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