Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Overheard in the Office: The New Carpet Installation Version

Things my officemate said that made me laugh uncontrollably.
  • I'm going to say something that will sound like the biggest hipster ever. 
  • I was a beta user for Pinterest.
  • How many babies are in this recipe?
  • Bobby came over and we decided to watch Napoleon Dynamite. Then we watched it again in Spanish. It was so good!
  • Can I play a song? - Go for it, I'm leaving for a while. 
  • I don't want to substitute a kid in a cape with Jesus in a cape. 
  • Dancing for Christ!
  • Drawer 5 is ALIVE!
  • CW6 ends news programming because they couldn't land the Omar story at the Kroc Center. 
  • Our team name is "I love oats". My mom loved oatmeal. She was all about it. 
  • I have 5 pounds of carrots at my house right now. 
  • So listening to this is like chalk? - Yeah, kinda.
  • There was no option to not cut off her head. 
  • You're not super... and you're old. 
  • Jesus on ICE!
  • I hate that pan flute dance music!
  • I have turned into a pencil snob. 
  • To be honest, I'm a big bird person anyway. 
  • I mean, I like to go to the barber and get a nice pampering or whatever. 
  • If they want to know what it is, they can just go and find out later. 

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