Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another Story

So, my Dad died in 2004. I think around April 11. Hard to remember the exact day, but I remember the 3am phone call from my brother. I remember driving up the 15 to my Mom's house in the dark. Most of all, I remember that Blink 182's song "Miss You" was playing on the radio. Those guys went to my high school. I actually have a great Tom story (that I won't share.) And because of this moment, the band, the song, everything was ruined for me. I can't even listen to them anymore - because my Dad died.
It took me three days to cry; we were sitting around a round table for dinner (Mom, Brother, Husband, Me) and something got us laughing pretty hard, the next thing I know, it turned to tears. It's been almost seven years now. I wish I could remember what got us laughing in the first place.

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