Monday, January 31, 2011

Death and All His Friends

Since we're on Death Watch, might as well post a few dark and twisty things about me + my Death relationship. (I'll start off small.)

When I was in fourth grade, my mom took me out of school for a week; we travelled to her hometown of Mulhall, Oklahoma for it's centenial celebration. I had to create a presentation for the class upon my return, to show that I learned something in my absence, so I created a slide show of pictures and played the overture of Rogers & Hamerstein's 'Oklahoma!' throughout the 5 minute shindig… wheat fields and progressing into photos from the town… then into the parade day itself. Now here's where it gets a little dark & twisty. The town recreated an old-fashioned shoot-out and then proceeded to have a fake hanging. I kid you not. So the hanging became the focus of my presentation. Three whole minutes of play by play pictures of this fake outlaw death, body twisting in the breeze and all. I'm sure my teacher was mortified, but she didn't stop it, maybe I upset some of the kids? To me, it was facsinating.

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