Monday, January 3, 2011

What I learned in December 2010

The awesomeness of team Kelnis
People that talk about it, ain't got it
Tipping wait staff in China can be seen as offensive
Tooth pores are called tubules
Pearl Harbor was a serious bummer
Bentley is not so super today
Tiare made an Elvis suit with rhinestones
I cannot afford a Ferrari keychain
How to tie a double Windsor knot
It's going to be cold in Naples
Old guys dig me
Adame has wicked awesome taste in music
The gift this years: Samsung Sound bar
Irma Rombauer write 'The Joy of Cooking'
Monaco is a principality
HR tried to mess up our taco order
308,745,538 residents in the US
What a 'qadi' is
Sunglasses aren't helpful if you leave them at home
There sure are a lot of two & three letter words
I'm an awesome chauffer
Trish's parents live across Josey from me
Tiffany's first day of sales totaled $4.98
What a 'buckeye' is
That Dallas has a ComiCon (thanks Mike!)
How to use sesquipedalian in a sentence
Kelvin doesn't know who Jerry Garcia is
Alan has never seen 'Office Space'
Mike hates pickles
I am (or could be) the agent of death

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