Friday, January 28, 2011

What I learned in January

Very word focused this month... too much Scrabble.

Petit Plaisir = Little Pleasure
Palek means spinach in Hindi
Drew the Half Jew Prince can rap!
qi = circulating life energy
Ashton & Demi are party schmoozes
When in doubt, nod and smile
Enrique votes for surnames first
Kelvin is a pansy when it comes to snow
Nonprofits is one word
A kat is a shrub that makes narcotic tea
Harley & Gryf eat poops. TMI
! am a Connect 4 genius
Live life without a budget
Meg Ryan is flying on our craft…
… Oprah and Steadman flew this week.
I execrate clowns of all types
Nutella is Italian (not German)
What an "ear whore" is
Conversations sans consequence, annoying in their obsequiousness
It's team Kelrotrilie & Sarniston
Get over it and pretend it's on your bucket list
Roundbale = 3 weeks of food for 3 ponies
The keywords for January are "ideal" and "process"
There's a rapper named Wacka Flocka
Tupac was born in East Harlem
Is it "a one minute conversation" or "an one minute conversation"
Edgar Allen Poe died at 40
I learned where the Mason Dixon line is
Why black dudes like big white women

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