Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I learned today: Month of March

It was a Kelvin heavy month; what can I say, it was his birthday. Therefore, it's more like a stream of conciousness through the month.
Mississippi has outhouses. Lynn Nash has a twin Honey badgers don't care!!! Jamba Juice was founded in San Luis Obispo. National Hamburger Day is May 25th. bucolic = pleasant aspects of the countryside and life. That I cancel on Kelvin a lot. Kelvin likes to make me feel bad. I have the best girlfriends ever. Yoshikazu Tanaka is worth $2.2 billion. Kelvin eats a lot when you pay for his food. Sushi Loco isn't so great. Stick with Geisha House. Madeline Ann is amazing. Kiril made earrings as a 6th grader. Next full moon is the biggest in 20 years! Tony Bennett and I have the same birthday. bailiwik = person's area of expertize or interest. Farley does not like shaking hands. Bueno does not want to hold coworkers hands. Lebron James was Irish in high school

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