Tuesday, June 18, 2013

SYTYCD - Top 20, Meet the Dancers

And a new season has begun! Watching live and giving you my Gfunkadee commentary on the dancers, choreography and the music... with some added snark as appropriate (or really, as I see fit.) Welcome my three readers to So You Think You Can Dance, season ten!

First up, hip hoppers minus Emilio that had an injury and had to resign before his star was born. Hope we see him next season.
Song: Ball by T.I. feat Lil Wayne
Dancers: Fiction and Mariah
Choreographer: Luther Brown
Mariah is expressive and stole the routine. Fiction is great, I think he has better personality in the interview than what comes across during the routine. Nigel apparently agrees with me.  Mary Murphy is still annoying. Lovahs on Stage (LOS) ... Cute!

Song: Goes On and On by Sleeping At Last
Dancers: Mackenzie, Jasmine, Tucker, Nico
Choreographer: Leslie Twokey (sp there I am sure)
I think this band did a Twilight song. Very well done. Tucker is crying. It was gorgeous. They worked well together. It reminded me of a performance by the SMU Dance grads to a Thelonius Monk tune, Epithropicus something or other. Mackenzie is the one to watch of this group.

Song: You Really Did It by Jason Mraz
Dancers: Alexis, Curtis, Aaron (who got in because Emilio hurt himself. Yay tappers! About FREAKIN time!)
Choreographer: Anthony Margarato
Damn. Go Aaron! Alexis has great arm expression. Curtis is full of love and smiles. Oh god Nigel, shaddup about Dizzy Feet already. I love threes and I want them all to go far.

Side bar, I wonder if the SYTYCD top 20 go online and read the reviews?

Song: Twigger by Kezwik feat. Mel Presson
Dancers: Jade and Blue Print
Choreographer: Christopher Scott
Jade has the BEST facial expressions. He hit more of the marks and was spot on. Blue Print is talented and great, but needs to work on engaging the audience. Who cares if Jade is short, I sure don't.

Song: Stay by Rihanna feat. Nikki Ekko
Dancers: Haley, Carlos, Melisse
Choreographer: Mia Michaels (OMG it's about time she came back! Her work always makes me cry. Most involved and personal choreography routines... Only other I think competes on her level is Sonya.)
And that's what you call a performance. I have no words. Well, maybe a few. This is a threesome exploration of love and betrayal with a Mad Men theme. Perfection.

Ballroom / Jive
Song: Wings by Little Mix
Dancers: Britney, Allen, Jenna, Paul
Choreographer: Louis van Amsel
Like a dancing octopus. I have no idea who is who. But it is Mary Murphy's parade and I guess I'm on it. Just not the hot tamale train.

Song: Enjoy by Bjork
Dancers: Amy and Jasmine
Choreographer: Sonya Tye (HOORAY!)
This was almost ballet in the extreme. Stunning. I am very much looking forward to watching more from these two. Sonya even matching hairstyles. Loverly.

Now it is they guys routing and gals routine. I'm going to sign off and enjoy watching. See you next week.

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