Tuesday, August 20, 2013

SYTYCD - Who is left?

Last week I was traveling for business in North Carolina and missed the show. This week, I started watching halfway through ... Hubster needed to get supplemental duds at Academy Sports and we didn't make it home in time.

So let me comment on the few things I was able to see.

Kat has a wicked goth dominatrix number with fierce black eyeshadow. Would not be able to pull that off myself.
Fikshun was pretty great, but I couldn't take my eyes off his partner.
I love that song "Clarity" for the Romeo and Juliet routine.
Comfort still has rocking abs. Paul can hip hop! Not just a Latin dancer.
Hayley and Dmitri. I forgot how ... Masculine he is. Great routine.
Oh I missed Mark! That was weird and awesome. Jenna's got gums.
Twitch and Jasmine. Meh. It was super hero lacking the super... Or hero. She's done better.
Travis is up with Amy. I'm annoyed with the girlie cheers from the audience. But it was a lovely routine.

Okay, I'm stopping now.
Have to watch the end of Dexter and get Halloween invites out.

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