Wednesday, October 15, 2014


(Names and identifiable aspects changed)

Brooklyn Hipster: hey hey
Me: hola
BH: So I'm looking at this creative ask. What are we looking for as far as a unique hashtag is concerned?
Me: For Fighter X, we had to tweet #SomethingSomething & @Brand to get the digital autograph sent to the person on Twitter...
BH: can it be the same hashtag for all of them? (Fighter X, Y, Z)
Me: As long as the spacing is far enough apart, then yes
Me:  You should see the cuss list. WOW!
BH: cuss list?
Me: They have a cuss list so that people can’t put in a fake name or something
Me: So Fighter won’t go … Dear Ass Face, here’s your autograph
BH: what if someone's name is actually ass face?
Me: Too bad Ass Face. No autograph for you!
BH: Maybe it's because I'm not into autographs, but I cannot think of anything I'd be less interested in. unless it said "ass face." that might change my mind

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