Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What happens when you are rushed...

As with all great intentions, I woke up early to start my day off well; as I progressed through thinking I had a handle on it all, i had a tingling feeling i had forgotten something. I ended up hearing from Amazon Amy that she was stuck downtown and needed to reschedule our work out. Argh! Well, I still needed to get my butt into the gym anyway. I got to Anytime Fitness, said hi to Brent and the gang, headed to change... And then it happened. I realized I had neglected to pack my gym shoes. I'm standing there in my gear and white socks thinking, "crumbcake, now I have to go home to get my shoes!"
Walking out of the bathroom, I ran into Big Muscley Trainer who said, "nope, just get on the machine. You won't come back if you go home." well, that's true. So I did. I climbed on the elliptical in my white ankle socks and just moved my legs for 30 minutes. Not an intense workout, but I stayed. So I think I get credit for that.

Excuse the bad grammar and punctuation, and excessive use of "I" in this post.

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