Friday, September 16, 2011

What I Learned in the month of August

(Yes, this is very late... it's been a busy month.)

Dallas doesn’t have a POPCORN number.*
Name likes really fattening foods.
Nam wears polar bears boxers.
New Jersey pumps the gas for you.
There is a special room with a special machine to process finance checks.
Name prefers green jello, gummi bears and jolly rancher candies.
Jason Sudekis’ uncle is George Wendt!
Sharks have two p***s’s.
Monday’s Buddha state is straight with the right hand raised, palm flat.
Not all Greek people are heavyset, Jamie!
The capitol of South Carolina is Columbia.
Someone stole my pen.
You can get a lot done when you are positive.
There is a wiener war going on.
Jamie has a pig AND runs a non-profit.
The origin of skeleton crew and mind your p’s and q’s.
I am over a billion seconds old.
How to transfer and conference.
There are 17 grams of fat in a Klondike bar.
Who stole my pen.
Adame doesn’t know where he is from.
Trish might have an answer in her backend.
Cornelius Jacobszoon Drebbel created the submarine.
Leslie can’t snap her fingers.
Bab ghannouj = hummus with eggplant.
There are 78 stairs in the stairwell.
Nam dot Duong.
Frank Gehry is a Canadian-born architect.
Don’t touch your eyes or special bits after chopping chilies.
Love + Rockets are a band from the 80’s.

*POPCORN was what you dialed in Northern California to get the exact time and weather. I have learned since that day that Dallas does, in fact, have a POPCORN number. I’ve forgotten it though.

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Rachel said...

and apparently penis is a bad word : )