Monday, March 12, 2012

Music Monday - Fantastic Baby by BIGBANG

In an effort to bring a little more substance to my Music Monday posts, I'm going to provide additional commentary from my conscience as I watched for the first time.

Today's pick is Fantastic Baby by Korean Pop group BIGBANG.

0:03 It’s the owl from Labyrinth! Oh wait, no. That owl was white and turned into David Bowie. Never mind.
0:06 Is this… is this Lady Gaga?
0:15 STOP MUSIC. Maybe I should, before it gets even weirder?
0:16 But his SUIT! It’s mesmerizing. The strips and stars, the cane! The black eye & weird red hair that turns into cables or veins or something. Can’t. Stop. Watching.
0:18 There’s that owl again. Maybe he’s sending mail to the Weasleys .
0:21 Who wants a Molotov cocktail?
0:24 Wait, who’s Mister Frosty? That bracelet is pretty.
0:33 Oh thank Dairy Queen. He’s all frosted out.
0:40 I’m not sure if that mask is for welding, motorcycle riding or a future robot apocalypse uniform.
1:00 Is that the kid from The Golden Child? I – I - I want the knife!
1:11 I was going to say George Washington, but I’m even more perplexed.
1:17 Screw the meaning, this guy in the hat and goggles is FIERCE!
1:26 Mr. Frosty has channeled his inner Buddha and is having a powwow sit down with the death squad.
1:22 The Korean Biebs is loosely chained to the wall. I have to say though, these dudes are ripped. I guess that’s what happens when you are chained to a wall all day singing Korean Pop tunes.
1:58 All they wanna do is dance dance dance dance dance dance. Are we sure they are men?
2:20 After boom-shacka-lacka, Sir Spikes-A-Lot is getting pawed by four latex covered… kittens?
2:34 It’s official. George Washington is a gay robot.
2:41 I really want to punch long-hair-off-to-the-side guy. Though his lipstick design is super funky.
2:47 Is this Mr. Frosty again? I think he’s my favorite. He’s so emphatic with his arm gestures.
2:57 BLOND KOREAN BIEBS!!! <3 <3 <3
3:18 Poor man’s execution of The Matrix
3:24 WAIT A MINUTE! Is that Snufalufagus???
3:33 The two Snuffys are break dance fighting.
3:47 Oh, the doomsday STOP MUSIC killers are just Korean teens. Phew!
3:53 And now the band takes their rightful place upon the throne(s).

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